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#4767 by Splat2018 Sun Jun 09, 2013 4:35 am
Hmm... Maybe there should be another Hyperion mission.

Name: Elite Buggers
Description: The Elite Zlattes in north Hyperion are giving us trouble at Daren and Vargen. They may look easy, but they aren't if they are a swarm. Kill them to have a decent reward, [Player Name].
Rewards: Up to 50 steel, 50 - 100 EXP, up to 3 Flux, and up to 3 Alien Alloys

Yes, I thought of the elite missions and thought of another. Any credit goes to the mission description.

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#4901 by dirt Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:16 pm
If you ever add a zone with more of a Police Vs. Pirate npc pressence you could also add in a Police and Pirate quest. Have it be a chain and maybe also be repeatable? Or tie into clans somehow. For the first part of the chain it could be something like this and lead up to "Police claim pirates are aliens, kill them." "Pirates are always pretending to be aliens to rob Police" for the thematics of the mission chain.

This is a suggestion for the first part of the chain quest or whatever

(Police) Kill the Clones

Approach all Police Force Cruisers in (whatever system) and engage any cruisers that resist inspection. We have information aliens are pretending to be P-1 Cruisers and robbing the fleet for resource, info, and lives. Kill any resisters on sight. (Warning! This quest removes 200 pirate points from player)

(Pirate) Flux Authority

Your registery now shows as a P-1 Cruiser for 15 minutes. If you fly in behind any P-1 they should come to a stop. Rob these P-1's then destroy them or escape. (Warning! this mission gives you 500 pirate points)
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#4911 by Avyctes Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:19 pm
I'd like to see more missions that require the player to complete them in high level systems like Vib and Sark. The vast majority of missions I get as a level 41 player consist of me going to some newbie system, blasting everything in sight in seconds (or being bored waiting for something to respawn), probably annoying the local low level players immensely (I know I'd be angry). Very little missions actually require me to do something that's actually a challenge. I've never had a mission to kill the Mother Brain for instance (does it even exist?). Rarely you get a kill Chel mission but for someone who can survive the Sark elite area this is frankly just dull.

TLDR: more high level missions, less annoying of newbies by killing their spawns all the time.

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#5037 by SiDHunter Thu Jun 13, 2013 2:49 pm
because levels 28+ are only getting low level systems,this are the missions i suggest:
Flamer Hunt I
Description:Elite Flamers on east mitrillion elite are causing problems to nearby stations.Please exterminate 5 of them and be rewarded!

Flamer Hunt II
Flamers are trying again to destroy our stations in mitrillion.Kill 15 of them,but beware of their strong flamethrower!

Mission Impossible I:
We need you to land on the planet Graven and collect some resources from it.But be careful,it's guarded by really dangerous ships.

Mission Impossible II
Only a selected group has ever landed on planet Roskur at East Mitrillion.Now we need someone to do it,and we feel you are the right choice!
(gonna add others later)

Fanatics are not fun II
These fanatics have suffered changes,and are more deadly than ever.Exterminate 4 for us!

Paper Cuts II
Captain,do you remember blades?They're back in Sarkinon and their numbers are growing and growing.We need you to kill 10 of them before the plague gets out of control.

Loyal Servants
We have discovered a new type of moth.They are deadly and want to avenge the death of his queen.Destroy 6 of them.

Vibrillian's old enemy
We have located the well known Mother Brain.Created in the Rapir system,it needs to be terminated before our stations get wiped out of Sarkinon.

Sarkinon Elite:
Nezerian Fighter Hunt
We haven't been getting notices of the Nezerian Empire for a long time,but seems like they are stablishing an outpost near planets on South Sarkinon.Kill 15 of them,but be careful,no one certainly knows what lies there.

Destroy the Destroyers!
Destroyers in Sarkinon Elite are severely damaging our exploring ships that we sent to that part of Sarkinon.Kill one of them and collect the resources for further investigation.
(more are going to be added)
A Deadly Battle
We discovered what Nezerians are protecting with such strenght:The Advectorian,a huge high-tech space station wich puts in danger all Gellan Quadrant.
It needs to be destroyed with urgency!
#5039 by Samuelf Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:04 pm
I like these missions, but with these missions needs to come level restrictions.
We can't have a level 12 getting the Advectorian mission.
As well as high levels getting the Erath to Endrion mission.

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#5580 by ImperialUser Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:59 am
Limiting the mission to level alone isn't good enough. It should

1) Reduce the amount of low level missions you get, compared to your level.
2) Increase rewards of low level missions based on your level, if you do happen to get one.
3) Limit missions to zones you have unlocked. No Mandrom missions if you haven't gotten to him yet.

Missions are a good way to get exp, so completely removing "low level" missions would be a mistake. They are easy to complete and some even give decent exp. Instead have them give slightly more and reduce their frequency in favor of missions more of your level.
#5904 by Sparkfire7 Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:47 am
I agree with Imperial, I also think that more high level missions should be available, there are tons of possibilities for higher level missions.
#5919 by James_ Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:20 pm
How about
Mission: retire a crew member to his home planet (pick whatever planet you want to put him on)
the higher the crew member's levels the more reward you get.

Then any future missions to one of their home planets can get a modifier to some sort of 'reunion' mission in which they give you sweet loots for no real reason.
#5963 by 1geo1 Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:44 am
ADD something- getting bored to death here.....
#6525 by 0_0 Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:50 pm
Mission: ( random enemy) research.... We have given you a catcher machine. Get ( the enemy ) to low health and trap it with the catcher. Return it to ( random planet)

Enemies do not include Sak elite's , mini bosses, or regular bosses
Planets do not include nezerian, elites, or Sak planets.

The catcher can be used x amount of times. You get it taken when mission is complete

Xp=enemy Lvl X10

Steel= enemy lvlX15

Flux=enemy Lvl divided by 15

#6529 by 0_0 Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:59 pm
Ultuia spaceman is offering you a bet.

If you can: land on roskur, recycle 1000 scraps, kill chelidron, kill 100 black moths and kill tefat 5 times in the next hour, I will offer to join your crew for free

Ultuia spaceman has 350 of each stat, and 3/4 trained on each mini stat. And fully trained on 4

This mission is superare, maybe one in 2500

#8003 by deusued Sat Oct 05, 2013 4:01 am
"Community Service"

Level 1: be grouped with someone as they level up to a level 2-15
+/- 1500xp
Level 2: be grouped with someone as they level up to a level 16-30
+/- 2000xp
Level 3: be grouped with someone as they level up to a level 31+
+/- 2500xp
#12116 by Splat2018 Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:43 am
Mission type: Killing Enemy

Name: Tefat Temper

Description: Tourist and Merchant ships have been encountering the Tefat, but also getting damaged in the process! The creators, from Erath, say that the Tefat was not programmed to do this, but defend the ships. Kill the Tefat so the ships can go freely to and fro!

Objectives: Kill Tefat (1)

Reward: 300-700 EXP, 100-300 steel, 0-3 flux, 10-15 Hydrogen Crystal, up to 6 engine parts, up to 6 core charges, up to 6 fusion cores, and up to 3 alien alloys.

Level Restriction: 5+

Balance won't happen. Forget trying to balance the game, BE BROKEN! Also, when the mods don't look into trolling, which certain player is guilty of, the moderation system is just poor.
#12419 by AbBaNdOn Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:21 am
Oh I really like Deused suggestions. Some rewards based on gameplay and stats.

-time spent helping others
-time spent using specific weapons
-number of arts maxed out
-number of times used specific crew mate types
-damage taken
-health regen'ed with shield transfer ability
-time spent using enhanced shield/ or damage blocked with enhanced shield
-time spent after burning
-etc etc etc....

Just normal resource materials as a reward or arts appropiate to task


-kill <enemies> guarding <planet>

-kill X amount of spawners from X system

-Recycle X amount of artifacts in X system

-Collect & Recycle a,b,c,d,e,f+ materials (small steel, big steel, hydrogen spills, radiated junk, alien alloys, engine parts, etc stuff that takes u to multiple systems)

-Fine a level X artifact (teaches newbs that different places and enemies have different level artifacts)

-Train a crew mate (teaches newbs how to train crew members, I didnt know this for a week or two)

-Upgrade an artifact (teaches newbs how that you can upgrade an artifact, i didnt know this for 2-3 weeks lol)

-Hit up every safe point in X system. Some variations could add a really short time limit or make you hit x amount of safe points in multiple systems...

-Kill x amount of enemies using damage type x.

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#12421 by Splat2018 Wed Jan 15, 2014 2:36 am
You don't get arts when completing a mission.Starting to sound like Uhmari...

Balance won't happen. Forget trying to balance the game, BE BROKEN! Also, when the mods don't look into trolling, which certain player is guilty of, the moderation system is just poor.

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