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#61380 by TacticalFedorine Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:37 pm

1.Pirates and Pie Rats
Player level: 75-120
Ossakel has been terrorizng Krillitian while the pirate traids have been copying AF weapons, stop them all.
Time: 40minutes
Kill Ossakel and 10 Pirate Traids
Reward: 5000xp 3000steel

2.Bombs Away!
Player level: 100-150
Recently, the AF stations have been highly bombed in Fulzar, stop this bombing.
Time: 90minutes
Kill Regius Exterminatore and 5 nexar stealthbombers
Reward: 50000xp 15flux

Player level: 65-100
The dreadmoths are a great nuisance in Mitrillion, eliminate some of them!
Time: 30 minutes
Kill 50 dreadmoths
Reward: 6000xp 5 flux

4.Blades and blades and blades
Player level: 120-150
The AF has requested for a number of blades to build a sharpship
Time: 90 minutes
Kill 20 Thorn blades 10 vicius blades 1 mandrom 1 cleaner and 5 nexar blades
Reward: 25000xp 30flux 10000steel

5.Lucky Mission: FLUX
Player level: 120-150
AF wants MotherBrain, The Cleaner, Chelidron and Adverction DEAD!
Time: 90 minutes
Kill the Gellan Bosses
Reward:10000xp 100flux

Player level: 10-20
A battleship has been detected in Durian, interrupting the AF, destroy it!
Time: 20 minutes
Kill Dominator
Reward: 1000xp 5flux 500 hydrogen crystals

7. Rotation
Player level: 20-40
A lethal flying stick has been detected in Kapello, it has lately destroyed a few of our safety ships, eliminate it!
Time: 30 minutes
Kill Rotator
Reward: 2500xp 5flux 500 iridium 500 plasma fluids

8.Rank up!
The AF wants to see if you are fit for a great challange!
Player level: 30-60
Rank up in coop survival
Time: 30minutes
Reward: 5000xp 2500 steel 5flux

The AF wants to know if you are a good pilot which can handle the dangers which lie beyond.
Player level: 40-80
Gain 50000xp
Time: 60minutes
Reward: 20000xp 5flux 4 level 50 artifacts

10. The nexar planet
The AF believes that the secret to invisibility lies in Ghervis, a planet deep inside vorsran, please land on it.
Player level: 130-150
Land on Ghervis in Vorsran
Time: 60minutes
Reward: 50000xp 20flux 10000 steel, hydrogen crystals, plasma fluids and iridium 10 advanced data chips
and 4 level 120 artifacts
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Daily Missions
Note: I am not sure if you allow daily missions or not, but anyways here goes...
( rewards are based on player level )

1. Boss Takedown
Level: 30
Defeat 5 bosses of any kind.
Reward: xp and steel

2. Miniboss Takedown
Level: 40
Defeat 5 minibosses
Reward: xp and artifacts

3. Planets
Level: 20
Land on 20 different planets
Reward: xp and steel

4. The Nuke
Kill 250 enemies using the nuke
Level: 30
Reward: xp and hydrogen crystals

5. Killer
Level: 40
Kill 5 players 15 levels lower than you or more
Reward: xp and iridium

6. The Aureus Boss
Kill Executor
Rewqard: xp and a pod
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#70825 by TacticalFedorine Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:58 pm
The Nezerian Cells

How to unlock: Land on Centurion in Kapello

Part 1:
AF Lieutenant Ludwig: Greetings Captain! I was just experimenting with these small but useful devices which the Nezerians call them cells. I have stolen them from the nezerians and I have discovered that they can be useful to captains like you. But in order to use them you will need an Antor Cell Board. I can build one for you if you give me the recources for them. First, fetch me a simple data chip.

Mission: Collect 1 simple data chip and land on Centurion.

Rewards: 1000xp, 1 flux

Part 2 :
AF Lieutenant Ludwig : Now, just 1 metal scrap as the baseplate.

Mission: Collect 1 metal scrap and land on Centurion

Rewards: 20xp

Part 3 :
AF Lieutenant Ludwig : I need the artifacts to make it and the cells work.

Mission: Collect 1 Impact Dampener ( Artifact ), 1 Projectile Accelerator ( Artifact ), 1 Projectile Hardener ( Artifact ), land on Centurion and give the artifacts to Ludwig.

Rewards: 2500xp, 5 flux

Part 4 :
AF Lieutenant Ludwig : I just need 2 last things, a core charge and a big metal scrap as a machine to power it up.

Mission: Collect 1 core charge and 1 big metal scrap

Rewards: 200xp
AF Lieutenant Ludwig : Here you go then,

Reward: Antor Cell board

Information about the Antor Cell Board is posted in the Antor Cell Board Topic.
#73775 by MrKitty Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:53 am
I think when there is mission for LWG, make another for electrofield ! ;)
Nether horde research:
Kill 100 blobs for electrofield.

Is that okay? xD

#74641 by Nightsky Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:47 pm

Dreadful Encounter
Level: 85
Task: Destroy a Nezerian Dreadnought
440 XP + 86*level = Final XP
320 Steel + 58*level = Final Steel

Purge the Pleague
Level: 50
Task: Destroy 40 Infested Fanatics
320 XP + 62*Level = Final XP
320 Iridium + 42*level = Final Iridium

Size never matters
Level: 75
Task: Destroy the Advectorian
480 Steel + 82*Level = Final Steel

Unseen Danger
Level: 100
Task: Destroy 75 Stealth Bombers
1 Artifact for your level
520 XP + 112*Level = Final XP

Level: 125
Task: Recycle a total of 8.000 Big metal scrap
2 Artifacts 10 level above your own
820 Steel + 185*Level = Final Steel

Artificial intelligence
Level: 135
Task: Recycle 150 Advanced data chips, 250 Medium data chips and 400 simple data chips
1250 XP + 420*Level = Final XP

Nexar Provocation
Level: 140
Task: Destroy 250 enemies in Vorsran
860 Steel + 500*Level = Final Steel
780 XP + 450*Level = Final XP
1 Pod

Future Preparation
Level: 150
Task: Destroy every nexar commander/lieutnant/whatever once
850 Every resource + 420*Level = Final resources
1 Pod

#74867 by Nightsky Sun Dec 03, 2017 3:29 pm
Enemy supply cutoff (lvl 20)
Captain, a new enemy in Arrenius has approached and it seems to be a supply ship. We don't know who it carries these supplies for but we want your to cut off their supply transport at any cost! We can't allow the enemy to become stronger.

- Destroy the Scrap Collector 0/1

- 2.500 - 3.000 steel
- 1.400 - 2.100 XP
- 1 - 3 Flux

Fine Cuts (lvl 12)
Pilots are coming back with fine cuts in Venturi. Those cuts are way too small for a Mandrom blade. Rumors say that in Venturi there is a bladed enemy. Please investigate this for us and we will reward you greatly! Venturi needs to become a safer place.

- Destroy Sax 0/1

- 1.500 Steel - 2.000 Steel
- 1.100 - 1.800 XP
- 1 - 2 Flux

Small but powerful (lvl 15)
Near Mari a new enemy has appeared. Scouts could tell us that it is a small enemy but it packs a punch. You should investigate this matter, but be careful, our scouts told us that this enemy possesses dangerous missiles for ranged attacks.

- Destroy Ant 0/1

- 1.750 Steel - 2.250 Steel
- 1.400 - 2.000 XP
- 0 - 3 Flux
- 200 - 500 Iridium

A newbie's threat (lvl 8)
Many pilots have suffered from an enemy that is roaming in Hyperion. It seems to be a craft from an unknown origin, it's build doesn't have similarities with what we have seen before. We have called it "Hattur" and it appears to have a powerful beamer and it is also capable of sniping. So be careful when you approach this enemy. Hyperion should stay a safe place for new pilots, we need them all!

- Destroy Hattur 0/1

- 1.000 - 1.500 Steel
- 100 - 300 Hydrogen Crystals
- 100 - 300 Plasma Fluids
- 100 - 300 Iridium

Fleet Takedown (lvl 25)
Captain, as you may have noticed we have a few enemies that are a big threat to the Antor Federation. Most of them have spread out to seek out for weak pilots to eliminate them. Please do us a favor and destroy each of them, we would greatly reward you for your efforts.

Destroy Hattur 0/1
Destroy Sax 0/1
Destroy Ant 0/1
Destroy Scrap Collector 0/1

- 4.000 - 5.000 Steel
- 500 - 800 Hydrogen Crystals
- 500 - 800 Iridium
- 500 - 800 Plasma fluids
- 2 - 5 Flux
- 2.000 - 3.000 XP


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