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#73756 by McPwny Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:49 am
Here are a few things that in my probably not so proffesional opinion ought to be nerfed, or buffed. feel free to speculate, criticize or add to the list.

nerf burning HK's. i see a lot of people barfing out theese things, and its annoying.

nerf corrosive lightning, and other weapons that have stupid high stacking DoT. its infuriating to be just tapped with this stuff and have it eat through all resist, shields, and shield regen in a hurry.

nerf teleporting. vindicators crawling in your spawn before you get to the first point in dom, jumping from capture point to capture point, going from 2 miles behind you to two miles in front of you in DM after boosting, and just plain trotting along the maps and stealing you planets in planet wars is enough to make a player go "wtf is this?"
short range teleporters are a different story, though.

buff nexar shadows, for being as expensive as they are they make for easy prey, and seem less prefered to their less expensive cloaking counterpart the assasin

im sure i had more to gripe about, and sorry if this has already been done.

#73757 by bolbi Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:38 am
Currently in the "Preliminary Balance Update Notes - revised 6x " thread at the top of General discussion, there has been much debate on all of these things at some point. So I'll put what we have down as the changes so far

Hunter-Killer Launcher:
Reduce debuff time from 10 to 6 seconds
Remove burn dot techs
Increase damage 100%
Increase reloadTime 50%
Reduce Speed 20%
Add an acceleration factor 0.04
Add corrosive damage tech 50%

Basically we've suggested removing the Burn techs cause they are to strong, increased the reload time and Damage to make them hit harder but less often, and have an acceleration factor which means they speed up over time, with that amount Scythe has said they should be about the same range as they are today. Also reduced the duration of the debuff cause they are easily used and easy to hit with.

Corrosive Lightning:
Increase reloadTime 20%
Increase dot tech from 35% to 60%
Reduce dot duration from 5 to 4 seconds
Increase power use 20%

There have been other suggestions of just reducing the PvP damage for CL, by like a 30-40% damage penalty for player targets, but right now this one is what is suggested. Basically it means less time for the whole duration and slower firing rate meaning less stacking over a shorter time.

Bionic Teleport:
Reduce power tech from 100% to 80%
Reduce base power cost by 20%

Teleport Device:
Increase cooldown by 20%
OR disable teleporting while shielded

Vindicator Teleporter:
Reduce power use tech to 50%
Increase cooldown to 7 seconds
OR disable all teleporting while shielded, and shielding while charging teleport

Player Nexar Vindicator:
Reduce base hp 10%
Reduce base sh 10%
Reduce base armor 20%
Reduce base sh regen 10%

So to put it simply,
-     Bio Teleport will be as fast as it is now and cost 20% less power to use.
-     Regular teleport will take an extra second of cooldown making it 6 seconds between teleports.
-     Vindi teleport will get an extra second of cooldown making it 7 seconds between uses, and it won't have an ET to make it cost no power anymore.
-     Vindi is seeing a nerf to all stats with an additional 10% to armor as most Vindi builds seem to strong and the ship already has the great advantage of it's teleport it doesn't need to have one of the best armor builds and one of the best shield builds in the game on top of that.

Player Nexar Shadow:
Increase damages to 175%
Increase speed from 6% to 20%

This is the suggestion we have currently to buff Shadow, we've mostly agreed that increasing it's damage bonuses anywhere past 175% is going to be to high, as when it came out it was 200% and that was like the best ship in the game. For the most part we don't have to many suggestions yet on this so maybe you have some ideas you'd like to share on this?

I encourage you to look at the thread as it's purpose is to get the community's voice and opinions on these weapons and ships, and what needs nerfs and what needs buffs so if you see something that isn't in that first post of the thread that you think should be changed, make a comment and let us know, the only thing I'd ask for would be that you try to give at least some backing as to why you feel that way so it can be discussed by the rest of the community. Myself and a few others have been keeping up with the whole thread since the start, so we somewhat remember what has been discussed already and can give you the conclusions of those debates or what points have been brought up before. If you're concerned about being repetitive in there, don't, no one has got the time it would take to go through those 550+ posts, so just chime in if you see something being discussed that you want to voice an opinion or suggestion about or something you think needs changing.

" 'Whatever you want people to do for you, do the same for them.'
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#73759 by McPwny Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:28 am
thanks for showing me this bolbi.

i suppose this thread is moot


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