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#73508 by God_of_Hyperdeath Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:18 pm
Nexar Phazer.

Image (sorry for the pixels):

Cost: 6900 Flux.

System: Vorsran.


The spacecraft Nexar Phazer has VERY many weapons and the shield, but he has quite a few armor and health.


Engine 5 lvl

Armor 3 lvl

Shield 5 lvl

Teleport 4 lvl.


Health 6

Armor 6

Shield 10

S.Regen 10.


+15% Speed

+35% Max power

+ 65% Energy attack

+65% Kinetic attack

+60% Corrosive attack

+ 35% Attack speed/


Nexar Blaster

Nexar Bomb

Kinetic Phaze Blade

Nexar Projector.

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