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#73163 by hugojmaia Sat Aug 05, 2017 4:30 pm
On another thread I threw the suggestion of requiring a valid mobile number to allow someone to use global. I'm gonna elaborate on how it'll work and why it'd put a dent on how often a troll would be able to come back.

The Idea is simple, just require people to authenticate their accounts with a valid mobile number before they're allowed to use global chat and private messaging. Allow multiple accounts to run off the same number so people with alts aren't screwed over.
Then when an account gets punished with a mute or is banned from the game you also apply that ban to the person's mobile number. If someone put their main account number on an alt just to troll someone and then they get muted, that person will come back to his main account only to find out that one is also muted via his phone number.

How does the validation work? This one has a server tied to astroflux sending an SMS to your device and only allowing the number to be validated once the confirmation message is returned. Steam users had to do this recently with their accounts in order to be allowed to use several community features.

How does this stop trolls? Goes like this: while getting a new mobile phone is relatively inexpensive in most regions of the world, it costs money and it's something that requires far more effort than just starting a new alt on a dummy e-mail.
Consider also that the people spewing hate through those troll accounts are kids, they'd have a hard time explaining to their parents why they need a new mobile number every other day.

I know many people might not be comfortable having their number tied to astroflux, but it's a small price for dealling a really harsh limitation to the trolling we've seen the last few weeks.

Please discuss this further.
#73164 by BrianN Sat Aug 05, 2017 4:49 pm
Im not giving my phone number out to play a game.

The truth always lies between the two ends of an argument.
#73166 by ladelag Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:54 pm
I agree with BrianN on this. No, i will not give my phone number to play a game.

I think there are too many risks threatening our in real life privacy if this idea is implemented. There has to be another and better way to control the trolls, giving our phone numbers is a very high price we would have to pay in exchange to reduce the global trolls. I think that a "solution" that put in high risk our own privacy is not something the majority in the game would like to do, i personally would stop playing AF.

Yeah, maybe the trolls can't explain to their parents why they need a new phone (only in the case they are children), but if this suggestions is implemented, then of course you could change your phone number that is tied to your accounts (because ppl sometimes lose their phone, ppl sometimes buy a new phone with a diff number), so i can imagine the children trolls asking phones to their siblings, cousings, neighbours, careless parents, or simply stealing for some moments other's phones to tie a new phone number to their AF accounts.

Now imagine this scenario of potential new phone numbers from ppl sorrounding these trolls but with a main account with a certain phone number and then, a lot of alts each one of them with a dif phone number but with the same troll in control... the troll can easily keep going without a real consecuence as punishment... in the mean time, our security and privacy on risk.

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#73170 by hugojmaia Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:40 pm
The point of tying a phone number to an account is to make it considerably harder for a troll to continue their rampage in the long run.
Rather than just going "NO NO NO NO!", you guys got any other ideas? Something else that provides some form of unique ID, that everyone playing is more comfortable giving out and that has considerable more steps in changing than just making a new account.
I don't have this concern over my phone number because it's already linked to my steam account, it's a second layer of security called 2-factor authentication.
That may also be because I live in Brazil, not many worries about someone impersonating me to steal to my number and no matter what the companies already leak customer's phone numbers to advertisers, so it's pointless to try and shield on that front.

I'd like to know, what is the worry about privacy that comes with tying your phone number to astroflux? All they have to do is encrypt the phone stored on their end, single way encription after the number has been validated that explodes a simple number into a 64 digit unique key that's stored in the database.

I guess we're back to the old privacy vs security conundrum.
There's no way to effectively slow down/stop these trolls without lifting the anonimity of player accounts. As long as someone can use global chat while remaining anonimous behind a username the problem will continue.

That's what I think though.
#73172 by BrianN Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:35 pm
Accounts and information have been hacked in the past...Im not exposing IRL stuff to that. I mean, look at what prickles did (and is still) doing.

The truth always lies between the two ends of an argument.
#73181 by Bellatrix Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:15 am
BrianN wrote:Accounts and information have been hacked in the past...Im not exposing IRL stuff to that. I mean, look at what prickles did (and is still) doing.

Please explain?

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