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#71492 by Fluffy Bunny Wed May 17, 2017 8:42 pm
Being someone who has been playing over 2 years I like to make a few suggestions
CLAN WARS let the Deathmatch PVP serve a purpose with Clan wars
instead of random teams
have Clans selected as part of a Tournament
Prizes could be rare weapons, exclusive ships , flux , Troons etc
have battles Clans Vs Clans
sort of like Co op Survial except vs other Clans
your clan team mates cant hurt you
as you battle for domination
as you rise up the Level Tiers you earn Plasma Fluids , Steel , and other resources like normal DM PVP
Top Clans with most wins get on leaderboard and get clan prizes for all members of the clan who were active in the clan war battles....

Another Suggestion
punish people who love to target newbs on purpose by camping them
if someone targets someone lets say over and over and that message that says you killed someone
too many times and you cant get exp
if you continue to kill that person and camp them
you lose Troons , first 1,000 troons then 10,000 troons then 100,000 troons
or Lose Rank in DM PVP
to punish the player who is camping someone and teaches players to play fair

this could be fun and added to the leaderboard for kills or surviving a hit placed on you
this could be used to place a hitlist mark on someone
for a certain amount of resources or Troons on someone based on the players level
this could be used as revenge by lower level players who been killed too much by a higher level one

Last idea
get rid of the Clan -20% systems
instead get a expert mode where enemies are on over drive for Double Exp , Double Resources
but insane levels like hyperion expert level enemies are level 100 to start and very aggressive to target you
each system on expert mode gets harder and harder
give the higher level players something to do to challenge themselves

Well those are my ideas,
see you all in the game
Fluffy Bunny

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