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#69457 by Karandras 40K Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:47 pm
Fortress in Astroflux

Every planetary system may have 2 fortress, 1 dedicated to humans and the other one dedicated to de dominant alien race in the sector, this will allow for more deep
plotline quests, and a good clan raid, needless to say beating a fortres would be rewarding but as difficult!

Every fortress should be a challenge no to be taken by a single player, recharging shields that wont wear off unless they are sustaining heavy damage in diferent spots on the structure, ghestalt-like bosses or turrets, fast regenerating tentacles (Gellan sector) and so on.

All ship classes involved from fighters to dreadnoughts, turrets, buffing and debuffing turrets and heavy appearance of aura wearing enemys.

And for the other fortress the human one, it needs to be built, repaired and improved, giving the chance for more daily missions like "recycle 5000 hidrogen spill to power up the reactor" this spesific quest may reward with experience and a minor buff to engines for a couple hours(Just an example)
or the server wide Weekly quest asking to recycle a huge amount of diferent cargo items to improve the "regenerator core" which will give players in that planetary system a flat bonus to shield regen (Several cores must exist, giving different bonuses) for a week since it becomes operational, a lot of cargo aswell to build turrets
and so on.

Ofcourse raiding missions, defending missions even scouting missions would be in order.

The enemy fortress if left alone would upgrade as well and from every lvl it upgrades will be harder to atack and will send stronger raiders to destroy human fortress, giving chance for those defense missions i've mentioned early.

Maybe even recycling artifacts to the fortress will boost it's strength by a tiny amount, or give it special abilities...

I'm sorry for my english, i speak mainly spanish

I'd love to hear your opinions, see you in deepspace! 8-)
#71509 by Mirabe Thu May 18, 2017 6:49 pm
I think this idea has some real merit. Possibly even a small modification to this idea would be the clan planets idea.
#71513 by Monohelix Thu May 18, 2017 10:20 pm
It will not likely be implemented this late in updating, not here.
#71556 by ryck Thu May 25, 2017 9:33 pm
I believe this has been suggested in various versions a few times, nothing has ever been done with it.

my god, its full of stars.

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