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#71396 by Bladekill Sun May 07, 2017 1:50 am
I admit that I am cheating and I am sorry about it. This time it is different though. The first time I started cheating was because I was cheating for flux and to get a place on the leader board. This time I was cheating because I was bored. Yes you heard me right bored. I did not get on the leader boards for flux I did not get on it to be on it. I was bored and I am sorry to the mods and the players. I was also planning on decreasing my score after this weekend and stop doing it. I knew what I was doing was unfair but the feeling of winning kept me from stopping and because of that I am sorry. I know what I did was wrong and you can ban me if you want to. PVP gives me a feeling of profoundness and adrenaline. But at the same time it hurts the community and the attitude in the game, Which I realize now. Also no this is not me asking to be unbanned this is just me saying I'm sorry. My boredom was a result of not having any friends to play with and not having an interest in other things. For me PVP was an outlet of my boredom so that is why I did it. I never intended on hurting anyone or the community I just wanted to get my mind off myself. So again I am sorry.

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