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#40483 by RadiantStorm Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:28 pm
Matty where have ya been? If u need a judge contact me via a pm through the forums id be happy to judge! I can also pool some cargo if ya need it! My pumpkin Cleaner won fair and ya u know it mate.. :D

#66044 by TheScrub Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:10 pm
Not sure what happened to this contest, but I am willing to bring it back if anyone desires.

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#66064 by BrianN Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:37 am
Matty got demodded because he was a Nemesis member

{/sarcasm (or is it?) no it really is}

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#70121 by AC-Archangel Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:03 pm
I'm bringing this back!

Next game will take place at Friday march 24 at 6:30 pm Eastern standard time(UTC -5) UTC: 1:30pm
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#70295 by traf Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:33 pm
Yes, I can still attend this. Still sounds like fun!

Please feel free to private message me!

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#70404 by AC-Archangel Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:41 pm
If astroflux had a tabloid, what kind of headlines would you find in it?
Hint: I'm thinking like those magazines about stuff like alien landings that crazy people read.

First place: Furya: Coincidence? No More Saluts and at the same time devs nonexistent?

Second place: XiaolinDraconis: Agent Smith Seen Talking With Man In Sunglasses And Trenchcoat

Third place: BPete36: Swole discovered to take steroids!

Honorable Mentions:

spazie: Porridgehead: Secret Affair with Furry Eared Women? Page 56

Drl: Motherbrain commuicates for the first time!!!! more inside

Draconis: Devs gone missing, why the mods may have killed them.

BillyBin: Mods and devs rise from the dead in vorsran.. Witnessess say that dead mods and devs were lagged to death!

Draconis: 10 Proofs Mods Are Corrupt, You Won't Believe Numer 6!!!

Private message me on the forum or ingame if you've got an idea for the next 15 minutes of fame!
#73965 by Splat2018 Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:48 pm
Too bad this died down. So dales and I held one of these today, and the results were great!

Challenge: "If Astroflux were a restaurant, what would it serve?"
Hint: going for funny

Honorable mentions:
Wraith: "Lag on a Silver Platter"
BPete36: "locust juice, anyone? the brave ones can try it made from the Nezerian kind, which doubles down as engine oil"

1st place: Arkitekt: "1-49 pvp, because the service takes forever, and you either make toast or get served."
2nd place: Madman1506: "all orders from the electric field restaurant will have a core charge of 10 flux plus a 2 flux tip per servus"
3rd place: Porridgehead: "Tonight's specials at the Whoe Erath Restaurant: Heart of Kale Salad, Blackend Lagfish, Blob Surprise and for dessert Porridge Pie"

Great game, guys!

Balance won't happen. Forget trying to balance the game, BE BROKEN! Also, when the mods don't look into trolling, which certain player is guilty of, the moderation system is just poor.

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