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#36697 by mattyandle Tue Sep 15, 2015 4:58 am

Astroflux welcomes this game within a game, played every 2-3 days barring any system updates or server issues. The game is mostly word play oriented, taking place in global chat and consists of a "challenge" a "time limit" and a few "hints" as to what direction the challenge is meant to go. there may be "limitations" placed on the game as well.

Challenge: "Name a movie title with the word "flux" inserted or substituted in"
Time Limit: 10 minutes
Hints: looking for funny
Limitations: (optional) only 2 entries per player

example entries:
"Star Wars, The Flux strikes back"
"How Stella got her Flux back"

1) all chat rules remain in place (violations will be dealt with just like normal)
-no swearing
-no racial slurs
-keep it appropriate
2) any entry outside of the parameters (ex. a tv show title) will be not considered for winning
3) no putting down of anyone's entry, you can say things like "nice one Dales" but no global judging for players input
4) once the time has been called, any further entries are welcome but will not count towards winning

winners are awarded a range of prizes, usually a full load of cargo goes to the 1st place winner, but the winnings change daily, the winnings for each game will be announced at the end of each challenge and awarded to the winners within 24 hours.

normally these games are judged by myself, but will sometimes be co-hosted and have a second judge as well. these are the tips to follow if you want to win:
1)pay attention to the hint, not what other people are submitting
2)extra points are given for them being funny,witty,and making sense
3)don't just throw something together and shout it out, making sense is more important than anything (example: "the fluxinator" this flows well, and does get the word into a title, but doesn't really make sense)
4)in game references are always best, but dont go overboard (example: "Flux Wars, the Nezarians strike Tefat" this is a good line to go down, but the submitter tried to force too many game references in)

private message me with your idea, if i use one of yours, i will contact you and we will coordinate for you to be online when your topic is used. You will be announced as the "co-host" for that game, and will get to help me judge the contest for the winners. You will not be able to submit answers to the challenge though.

below you will find a list of the games that have been played so far. I will update this list as new games are held, and when the list gets too long move to a new posting. (i apologize for any players name being misspelled, i have to write these entries fast as the game is being played)

Challenge: :Movie title with the word "strike" inserted/substituted in"
Hint: going for funny, poking fun at strike

Honorable mentions:
Michael Jacobs: "Strike, the Gathering"
TDS92: "The Little Strikemaid"
DoctorDrac: "007 Live and let Strike"
bob: "Strikeing Private Ryan"

Winners: 3 way tie for 1st
PorridgeHead: "Magic Strike XXL"
Bentley: "Harry Striker"
Papa: "Strike Men can't Jump"

Challenge: "if Astroflux began making real world products, what might those products be/called?"
Hint: going for funny, extra points for slogans

Honorable Mentions:
Bunny: "All-Resist Pepper Spray"
Scrublord: "Kentucky Fried Monachus....toe lickin good"
PorridgeHead: "Pangalactic Dev Badge.....rule everything by making the rules"

1st place: inlion: "Astroflux Vodka...get fluxed up"
2nd place: Seph: "Astroflux Mod Badge.....shut your parents up today"
3rd place: Bentley "the IAstro....laggiest phone ever"

Challenge: "if Astroflux made cleaning products, what might those products be/called?"
Hint: funny, extra points for slogan

Honorable Mentions:
Rebbats: "Prismatic Crystal Cleaner...with those crystals to blast all your grime away"
Rsivak: "Astroflux Pumpking Cleaner....for those darn exploding Martins"
Spencer: "Death Cloud good at cleaning up messes"
BrianN: "Got sticky buns?....use Shadow Flame away today"

Scrublord: "Astroflux Jewelry Polish....for all your jewelry and plasma gun polishing needs"

Challenge: "name your best Astroflux/Gamer pick up line"
Hint: in game reference, funny

Honorable Mentions:
Scrublord: "hey girl, are you a controller?...cause i want to touch you"
Celab: "girl are you terrible lag?......cause i cant control myself around you"
Codex: " hey girl, are you the final boss....cause ive been looking forward to you for a loong time"
Fawley: "Metapod used Harden"

Storm: "I'm a mod"

Challenge: "Movie title with the word "lag" inserted/substituted in"
Hint: funny, remember we hate lag

Honorable Mentions:
Noebuhdy: "007, a good day to lag hard"
Celab: "Sherlag Holmes, case of the missing bandwidth"
Dreggy: "Once upon a time in Lagtown"
Comet: "White Men Can't Lag"

Winners: 2 way tie for 1st place
GreyBeard: "Star Wars, the Laggy Menace"
DoctorDrac: "Astrofluxers Guide to the Lag"

Challenge: "if Astroflux were a mass retailer (like Walmart) what might be overheard at the return desk?"
Hint: going for funny

Honorable Mentions:
Bentley: "can i return this pet Monachus, its spraying everywhere and im homeless now"
Faizon017814: "my pixie ship doesn't grant wishes, can i exchange it?"
Scrublord: "My cleaning lady only cuts me with large blades, can i exchange it for one that actually cleans?"
Thanos: "Can i return Mattyandle...he cant write fast enough"
Ailes: "This target painter doesnt actually paint anything, can i return it?"
Bentley: "Can i trade in this Sailfish...the sail broke and the fish died"
FirstGoomba: "Yes the paint is all scratched on my it still under warranty?"

Winners: 3 way tie for first
Scrublord: "My Mutated Chicken was eaten by a wolf, can i get a refund?"
Tony: "Yes this Retro is just a big cursor...can i get store credit?"
Tefat: "Can i return this Nu...."

............................................................More game to follow soon.............................................................
#36736 by AC-Archangel Tue Sep 15, 2015 8:50 pm
ok...ok while all of the pickup lines should get people chatbanned(I was there btw) those movie titles made me hurt inside they were so funny.
#36739 by Caleb Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:40 pm
I totally won the pickup line one and you know it ;)

Also you forgot movie titles with the words mod and dev in them!

Valorius: "So what's your forum name?"

Caleb: "... Caleb"

Valorius "LOL"
#36749 by Anti-X Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:10 pm
"astrofluxers guide to being a mod/dev!" -daggerz

daggerz has a red eyed black daemon and an all black judi... ive seen it!! :( :cry: :(

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#36759 by porridgehead Wed Sep 16, 2015 3:11 am
I've been really enjoying the 15 minutes of fame. It's always a hoot.

Keep up the strong work. If you would like a hand with the winning prize, I'm happy to help.
#37370 by TheDupieMC Sun Sep 27, 2015 1:35 am
More! And can you announce on forums whens the next 15MOF so people know ahead of time when to come on to play it! :D

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#37371 by TheDupieMC Sun Sep 27, 2015 1:42 am
Found this online!
download (1).jpg
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#37379 by Anti-X Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:00 am
how about 15 minutes of being ? that would be a good one....

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Merry Christmas!
#37393 by porridgehead Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:44 pm
I can guess who won't be winning any time soon. But hey, I'm certain a full cargo isn't worth much to you anyway. :P
#37403 by TheDupieMC Mon Sep 28, 2015 1:20 am
I'm broke currently, I NEED THAT FULL CARGO D:

Dupie is my name
I am not one to blame
These rhymes may be lame
But I cannot be tamed!
#38697 by DR-STRANGE Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:24 pm
when will this event will resume again?

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