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#67280 by TheScrub Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:12 am
FIGHT4LIV3 wrote:
GrayBeard wrote:Yep he has no idea what this thread is even about.

Yep i dont know XD

So i did read now this contest. it says make an identity of 'this' ship.

ehhh turn all my ideas to your ship, so if i am talking about AREA X1 , then i will mean your ship , then the problem will solved :)

Sorry for the 2 useless posts, i did post it without reading much XD

Well I appreciate your posts, but please read the contest description before you enter. Thanks!

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#67743 by Anti-X Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:31 pm
FIGHT4LIV3 wrote:AREA X1: AREA X1 was made by the most secret base Area 51. It contains the most superior powers that will destroy everone on his path!

Shield: 4
Health: 10
Armor: 10
Shield Regen: 4

+100% energy damage
+100% kinetic damage
+100% Max Power
-30% Power Regen

Weapon: Hunter X (Can not be copied)
(Fast burst of many little missles that will definy hit enemie in his path. High and deatly dps)

Weapon: Shockwave (Can not be copied)
(Looks like a energy nova, it is perfect for detonating mines and missles, but what if this has 3x more range then a detonating nuke ??!! It has the same rate of fire as electrofield but it consumes 2x more power. It also does a decent dmg to enemies in this radius. Making it perfect for defence.

Price: 6000 flux

Location: The next system after Vorsranif it went out already. Otherwise Vorsran, Innerst (elite) hangar.

I hope you guys like this one :)

that ship doesnt look like it would be made by you unless you were a great artist :|

im slightly suspicious

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#68178 by Syst185X Sun Jan 08, 2017 3:15 am
I find out it ends on the 20th...I just now came up with an idea.



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