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The Unknown

This mission is unlocked when you land in the warp gate in the black hole in Durian.

The Unknown: Part 1
Crew: What is this Captain? Why is there a warp gate right next to a black hole which isnt supposed to be here in the first place?......Wait.....who is that?

Dr.Hedwig: Hello There! Looks like you are just explorers who have just run into a black hole aren't ya'?
Well, i'm glad i've found you.....I just want some help...Hey do you know those strange black ??? blobs that spawn inside the black hole? I'm really really interested in them and I would like to build a ship with the same technology they have, something Astroflux has never seen....well then lets get to work, first things first, im going to build the inside of the ship with steel, so I just need basic recources...

Collect 1000 metal scrap and 300 big metal scrap and return to the warp gate.

Reward: 10000xp 20 flux

The Unknown: Part 2

Dr.Hedwig: There we go, now I just need to build the engine of the ship...just need some machinery.

Collect 60 engine parts 30 core charges, 500 hydrogen spills and 60 fusion cores and return to the warp gate

Reward: 15000xp 30 flux

The Unkown: Part 3:

Dr.Hedwig: Ok, now for he hard part, I need to build the outside of the ship with the Unknown material those blobs use, kill some of them to get that.

Kill 20 ??? blobs in Durian

Reward: 30000xp 40 flux 6 alien alloys

The Unkown: Part 4

Dr.Hedwig: Well thats the outside built, I just need some nuclear power to power up the ship's engines.

Collect 280 radiated junk, 160 toxic waste, 20 genetic control implants and then land onto the warp gate.

Reward: 50000xp 50 flux 12 bug legs

The Unknown: Part 5

Dr: Hedwig: Now we just need to get some good resistances for the ship, this will be a little hard...I will be in Xharaheg's lab in Fulzar btw.

Kill 20 ??? blobs in Fulzar and then go to Xharaheg's lab in Fulzar

Reward: 55000 xp 55 flux

The Unknown: Part 6

Xharaheg: Looks like they are here!

Dr.Hedwig: Aha! Back again! Me and Xharaheg were just experimenting on the work that you have done, good job btw. Now thanks for your hard work, you might be thinking that you have done enough, but Xharaheg recently suggested that the ship should teleport, like the normal ??? blobs do...

Xharaheg: I also suggested that the ship should become invisible too.

Dr.Hedwig: Yes, that too...but lets focus on the teleportation right now....lets try to take the areus ability.

Kill Executor and return to the lab

Reward: 60000 xp 60 flux 5 5 Polyhedric Fabric

The Unknown: Part 7

Dr.Hedwig: Good, thats the teleportation sorted we just need to make it invisible. Lets try to take the nexar ability.

Kill any 50 nexars

Reward: 75000 xp 75 flux 20 bug legs

The Unknown: Part 8

Dr.Hedwig: Thanks, the ship is complete, but in order for me to give it to must do as I say....risk your life, and send me to the hanger in the inner rings of Vorsran, there is were you recieve your main reward, and there is were I start a new project, I will now build a nexar ship......but that'll be another story....

Go to The Elite Nexar Hanger in Vorsran

Reward: 100000xp 100flux

The Unknown BattleShip

Health: 8
Shield: 10
Shield Regen: 10
Health Regen: 2
Armour: 6

For level 1 with no troons or upgrades:
Health: 7500
Shield: 16000
Shr: 800
Hr: 100
Armour: 600
Speed: 250 pixels

Kinetic: 60%
Corrosive: 80%
Energy: 100%

+ 15% speed
+ 25% energy damage
+ 30% all resists
+ 50% energy damage
+ 30% shield


Armour level 6
Engine level 6
Shield level 6
Power level 6
Teleportation device level 4
Invisibility Cloak level 4
Void Tentacles level 3
Chrono beam level 3

New Weapon:

Dark Orb

Stats for a level 1 player with no troons or upgrades
Energy Damage: 5000
Energy Burn: 1000 damage for 10 sec
Range: 2000 pixels
Speed: 400 pixels
Fire rate: 1 shot per 3 seconds
Power consumption: 50
Size: 40 pixels
Area Of Affect: 200 pixels
Pierce: 5

Level 1: + 20% damage + 20% range

Level 2: +40% AoE range +20% speed

Level 3: -20% power consumption + 40% DoT

Level 4: Damage over time lasts for 20 seconds + 50% fire rate

Level 5: -50% power consumption +60% damage + 50% size + 1 pierce

Level 6: + 100% damage +100%DoT +100% Aoe damage +50% size + 1 pierce

Elite Techs:
Increase energy damage up to 200% ( direct damage, AoE damage, DoT damage)
Increase DoT time up to 200%
Increase AoE range up to 200%
Reduce Power cost up to 100%
Increase range up to 100%
Increase speed up to 100%
Increase fire rate up to 100%
Increase pierce up to 20 ( + 5 per 5 upgrades )
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Many a day, I go through mental debates:
Is there any exception to the 3-Ates?
"Tolerate, Compensate, Mediate."
Alas there is none, they are so great.
Perhaps you can try, but only your best.
For every time, these shall pass the test.
-E. Jarvis
#62870 by I_Am_Jarvis Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:09 pm

Many a day, I go through mental debates:
Is there any exception to the 3-Ates?
"Tolerate, Compensate, Mediate."
Alas there is none, they are so great.
Perhaps you can try, but only your best.
For every time, these shall pass the test.
-E. Jarvis
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Mission Chain Metal Scrap
Starting at Cantina in Virbilian

constructor 1.png
constructor 1.png (19.41 KiB) Viewed 7173 times

Mission 1
After a long day of delivering some space junk a dark disguised person speaks to you „Psst…
Captain… i need some help with a top secret mission… im sure u are the right person to talk to…“

„Go to Lak at Fluzar and bring me the box from the lost Nexar Fighter.“

Land on Lak
Reward: 10XP, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 2
„Excellent… to get to the information i need some reference, go and get some comparison.“

„Ahh you are still here … haven´t i toled you… oh, ah… sorry go and bring me some unharmed boxes. You can find them in Vorsan.“

Kill 65 Nexar Fighters
Reward: 3.500XP, 10 Flux, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 3
„Ahh… that´s it, yes they look nice. But i need your help one more time. There should be a hiden temple somewhere at Ahrgeris in Vorsan. Can you find it and bring me the plans that are there?“

Land on Ahrgeris
Reward: 10 Flux, 1 Art lvl 145, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 4
BZZ, PFFF PFFF… „Oh Captain, you got the plans? Great, bring them to Fluzar we will meet at the Warp Gate. Your reward will be great.“

Land on Fluzar Warp Gate
Reward: 10.000 Steel, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 5
Linus: „Yes I´m Linus and asked you for help. Xhargreg toled me that you are trustable so I have selectet you. It´s a long storry that startet some month ago. by accident I discovered some runes on the hull of a destroyed Nexar fighter… oh you don´t want to know the whole storry, ok. But you should know that i get some very interesting plans for a new ship. I´ll go to work on it now, maybe you are interested to test it when i finished it.“

Land on Abandoned Hangar
Reward: 5.000 XP, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 6
Linus : „Ah Captain, welcome … peh … it´s a hard job, and very strange materials they use for the ship. Can u get me some metall from an Asteroid?“

Land on Ateroid L34 in Hyperion
Reward: 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 7
Linus : „Perfect thats what i need, but now go and get me some more Metal Scrab“

Kill 200 Zlattes and collect 1000 Metal Scrab´s
Reward: 15 Flux, 2.000XP, 100 Big Metal Scrap

Mission 8
Linus : „Um how should i tell you? … I need … can you … it´s difficould, but i need some special engine parts. You have to kill the Executor.“

Kill Executor
Reward: 5 Flux, 100 Engine Parts, 100 Core Charge, 100 Fusion Core, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 9
Linus : „Captain, I´m glad to see you. The ship is almost done. To power the engine I need some dark matter from the black hole in Vorsan“
Crew: „Captain he gets crazy, we shouldn´t do that. We will die!“ „Even the rewards are not very profitable.“

Get killed by the Black Hole in Vorsan
Reward: 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 10
Linus : „I knew you can beat a Black Hole. Hurry back to me and we can test the ship!“

Land on Abandoned Hangar
Reward: Ship „Constructor E4.2“, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 11
Linus : „Test the engines and give me some feedback. Next I will work on these little Protectors that will be a great support for the ship.“

Land on Warp Gate in Vorsan
Reward: 10 Flux, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 12
Crew: „Hmm a ship without any weapons… really… we should trash it, ha ha ha“
Linus : „Ahh nice that you are not roastet or something else… oh sorry … no, no I testet the engine… er… or so. Doesn´t matter, you and the crew are still alive. Can u get me some small engines from Vorsan?“

Kill 202 Nexar in Vorsan
Reward: 2 lvl 145 Arts, 5.000 Steel, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 13
Linus : „By the way a friend of mine has detectet some interesting parts at Zhersis. Pick them up and bring them to the warp gate.“

Land on Zhersis
Reward: 5.000 XP, 500 Hydrogen Crystals, 500 Iridium, 500 Plasma Fluids, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 14
Linus : „The Protectors are nearly done! Go to Fluzar and get some parts from the Aureus Monarchus.“

Kill 101 Aureus Monarchus
Reward: 3.333 XP, 100 Metal Scrap, Protectors added to Constructor E4.2

Mission 15
Linus : „What my ship is useless without an weapon. I´m an inventor … ahh … the ship isn´t finisched yet. You can say your crew that there will be an weapon but it take some more time to finish it.“

„Go and get me some one funktional Phaser from Vorsan“

Kill 25 Nexar Elite Phaser
Reward: 100XP, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 16
Trancemission failed! Error 751

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Trancemission failed! Error 751


Land on Abandoned Hangar
Reward: 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 17
Linus „Oh Captain why didn´t you use… ohhh… i see.“
Crew „Captain, we will leave the ship if the rewards dont go higher again“
Back in Hangar
Linus „What… first you say that my ship is some kind of trash and then you want more cash… ok your next job is not easy if you can manage to get some dark matter again… no, no don´t worry this time its not from the Black Hole again. You have to get it from the Keepers… I don´t know how to kill them go ask your smart crew, HAHAHAHAHA… but hurry I don´t have all day time!“

Kill 19 ??? Blobs in Fluzar
Reward: 25 Flux, 5.000 XP, 10.000 Steel, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 18
Linus „You are back… really… wow I´m impressed.“

Land on Abandoned Hangar
Reward: Target Sinus Phaser added to Constructor E4.2, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 19
Linus „You want some more weapons? I have a lot of ideas but... my depot is running out of stock. Your reward will be great…“ still hearing a chuckle

Kill 11 Vindicator
Reward: 200 Advanced Data Chips, 10.000 XP, 5.000 Steel, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 20
Crew: „We heared that Linus is a well known prisoner…“ „Captain we should arrest him before he kills all of us!“

Collect 101 Hydrogen Oscillators
Reward: Sinus Missile added to Constructor E4.2, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 21
AAAAWWWWW… PANG… IIIHH… Bofff… ffffFFff… HELP, please….

BLOB… pehh

Linus: „Ohh Captain, you are back… that was fast… whitch noise do you mean? Oh that … erm… it was… just … a … em … a, a giant spider that racked me.“
„There is one last job left if you are interested in?“

Kill 50 Spawners in Fluzar
Reward: 5 Flux, 10.000 Steel, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 22
Crew: „we toled you Captain… he is mad and gets crazy!!“
Crew: „what was that?“

Kill 40 Spawners in Vorsan
Reward: 5 Flux, 7.000 Steel, 1.000 Iridium, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 23
Linus: „Hurry, my time is limited I have to leave soon!“

Kill 25 Advanced Spawners in Cynapsian
Reward: 2 Flux, 4.000 Steel, 7.000 XP, 100 Metal Scrap

Mission 24
An undefineable noise: „Captain I had to move my workshop… hurry“
Crew: „We shouldn´t get there it´s a trap“

Land on Elite Recycling Station in Vorsan
Reward: Sinus Tower added to Constructor E4.2, 10.000 Steel, 3 Flux 200 Metal Scrap

Mission 25
Linus: „Sorry, I had some troubles… go and test the ship. I be on vacation for some month. I will contact you…“
Crew: „Hmmm… will we met him again? ...“

Kill 5.505 mobs with Constructor E4.2
Reward: 25 Flux, 10.000 XP, 25.000 Steel, 3 Arts lvl 145, 1 Metal Scrap

Constructor 2.2.png
Constructor 2.2.png (242.12 KiB) Viewed 7173 times

Ship stats „Constructor E4.2“

Health 1
Armor 9
Shield 10
Regen 6

+ 100 Kinetic Damage
+ 100 Energy Damage
+ 100 Corrosive Damage
+ 50% Power
+ 8% Power Regen
- 15% Cooldown
+ 7% Speed

Creates and controls up to 5 Protector Fighters, receives 30% of player hitpoints
Damage Type Kinetic, Corrosive and Energy
Stops Shield Regen up to 6 s, Low Damage, high refire Rate, very fast movement

Target Sinus Phaser (not Copyable)
Damage Type Kinetic, Corrosive and Energy
Very low Damage, high Refire rate, low Power usage
Disables Healing, Focus pet attack on target, Auto aim (like Beamer), firing distance like Beamer,
Reduce target resistances up to 40% for 1s

Sinus Tower
Damage Type Corrosive
Stacking Dot, can´t move!, do area damage
Long Range, low Refire rate, very high Damage, vast Projektil speed

Sinus Missiles (not Copyable)
Damage Type Kinetic and Energy
AoE (Area of effect), Guided shot, Multi shot (2 Missiles at same time), Stacking armor debuff
Medium to low Damage, fast Speed and good guidiance(like Hunter Killer), short Range (like Prismatic Crystal), high refire Rate

Please implement Engineer B2!
#63766 by TheSorrow Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:17 pm
They all look so good! Just so everyone knows, there are only 7 posts, with 9 days left for the contest. To maximize the flux reward, make sure that the people who reserved posts their idea! (I want to be able to reward a large amount of flux to people, and right now it might not be huge, since not a lot of people have posted ideas yet)

#63770 by TheScrub Sat Oct 22, 2016 3:17 pm
Unseen Technology

(Triggered by killing a Renegade Inquisitor, can only be gotten by players over level 120)

Mission 1: Pilot of Renegade Inquisitor: "Captain, I'm so sorry about the damage to your ship, I was just trying to get your attention. We have a mission for you. Go kill three Renegade Tankers to show you are ready for this challenge, ,then we will test your abilities from there."

Kill Three Renegade Tankers

Rewards: 5 flux, 5000 steel, 2000 XP

Mission 2: "Ok Captain(PlayerName), you have proved you are up to the challenge. We will have to test your abilities further to see if you are ready for the tedious tasks ahead."

Kill 15 Nezerian Dreadnoughts

Rewards: 10 Flux, 10000 Steel, 4000 XP

Mission 3: "Your strength is admired Captain (PlayerName), you are shaping up to be one of our best clients thus far. We need to make sure you are prepared for our ultimate reward."

Kill 10 Nezerian Regis Exterminatore

Rewards: 15 Flux, 50000 Steel, 10000 XP

Mission 4: "We have three more tasks for you. The first is to kill The Executor. It has been wreaking havoc on our attempts to salvage remaining technology form Azuron. Obliterate it!"

Kill Executor

Rewards: 10 Flux, 10000 Steel, 10000 XP

Mission 5: "Now that the aureus threat has been neutralized, we must focus on the Nexars. We need you to kill 50 elite Nexar ships to insure our safety. We are close Captain, very close."

Kill 50 Elite Nexars

Rewards: 75 Flux, 150000 Steel, 150000 XP

Mission 6: "Those darn ??? have always been a nuisance while we are trying to move our data. Kill All of them!

Kill 64 ???

Rewards: 100 Flux, 100000 XP 10x Level 150 artifacts.

Mission 7: "This is it captain (PlayerName), we need you to destroy Admiral Zhersis. Zhersis has been destroying all of our data carrying ships, which is limiting our progress to retrieve all of the necessary data to get the technology you have been promised. She always seems to escape after we destroy her ship, so we need you to kill her ten times to insure she dies."

Kill Admiral Zhersis 10 times

Rewards: 150 Flux, 200000 Steel, 200000 XP

Mission 8: "Our tasks have been completed! We now have the lost technology of Azuron. We cannot yet build this ship, but we can give it to you. Thank you for your efforts in helping us retrieve the Lost, hidden, and never before seen technology of Azuron.

Land on the warp gate in Hyperion

Rewards: 50x Strength 150, Level 170 Artifacts, 100 Flux, 100000 Steel, 250000 XP, Ship: The Eliminator.

The Eliminator:

New technologies have been discovered on a recent mission to Homerus, Azuron. This ship has been nicknamed "The Eliminator" by the people who use it because it is so efficient at killing. The Eliminator's shield batteries and health capacitors are so massive that there was little room for regeneration capabilities on board. The ship's engineers created new engines that enabled the attack speed to be increased higher than ever before. New weapons technology was found in the ship's firing arrangements. The hull of the ship us made with a cobalt-iron alloy that can withstand huge amounts of damage. However, all of these perks come with a cost. Corrosive weapons are barely useable on this ship due to it's horrible corrosive stat.

Shield: 9
Shield Regen: 4
Health: 9
Armor: 4

+50% Attack Speed
+60% Energy Damage
+60% Kinetic Damage

-8% Cool Down
-40% Maximum Power
+20% Power Regen
-80% Corrosive Damage
+10% Speed
Blade Fling: This weapon shoots off the blades on the rear of the ship directly behind you. This is extremely useful when you need to be defensive and want to do some damage while retreating. This weapon uses very little of your ships power because it was designed to work under conditions with little resources to use. (Non-Transferrable)

50% Energy
50% Kinetic

Damage: 10
Range: 7
Refire: 1
Energy : 1
Difficulty: 3

Elite Techs:
+50% Direct damage
+100% Energy Burn
+100% Corrosive Damage

Burst Equalizer: The burst equalizer fires three shots at once, and uses improved particle accelerators to fling its projectiles. (Non-Transferrable)

100% Energy

Damage: 8
Range: 6
Refire: 5
Energy: 6
Difficulty: 5

Elite Techs:
+100% Energy Burn
+50% Corrosive Damage
+50% Kinetic Damage


Hope you like the ship and mission!
The Eliminator copy.jpg
The Eliminator copy.jpg (9.61 KiB) Viewed 7137 times

Our determination is based on our will to survive.

#63915 by Monohelix Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:26 pm

Available as soon as the player unlocks Arrenius on warpgate.

Captain, we have received a distress signal around the outer reaches of Durian. We cannot pinpoint the exact location of the signal from this distance, we should head there now before the signal is lost.

Land on Durian main-system warpgate.

Rewards: 0 XP

It appears that the signal is emanating from Honarion, the local renegade base of operations. We can deduce this signal as being a hoax to lure the other fleets towards their deaths. If we are sufficiently strong or we have significant support we may as well land there and send an extraction team at your digression, captain.

Land on Honarion.

Reward: 10000 XP

Captain, whilst having underwent planetary surveillance we found the source of the distress signal. It appears to be a Yellow book, 'Creating an Overmind for dummies'. At the first few pages it states that we should 'Gather sufficient amounts of steel to create a chassis for the vessel.' Seems suspicious, how should we go about this sir?

Obtain 5000 small metal scrap.

Rewards: 500 Steel, 1000 XP

...Next, we have to 'Obtain a stable source of hydrogen based fuel.'

Obtain 2000 Hydrogen Spills.

Reward: 500 Hydrogen Crystals, 1000 XP

Captain, you've have to agree that this is getting totally tedious. We finally only need one more thing, 'A mass of brain tissue'. After this we should probably go to Osho's upgrade shop, we have no idea how to assemble these items despite our expertise in upgrading anomalous artifacts.

Gather 10 brain tissue and land on Oshos upgrade shop in Arrenius.

Rewards: 5 flux, 10000 XP

A strange humming sound can be heard a Osho hands over a strange black orb towards your officers hands, at first startled by the results on the making based from the yellow book.
Crew: "Are you sure you did this correctly? It looks nothing from what we have gathered, where did all that steel and hydrogen go?"
Osho: "Why dont you as it yourselves."
Crew: "What the?"

... Numen OVERMIND: chassi status=OPTIMAL. fuel=EXCEPTIONABLE BOUNDARIES. lifespan of occupant=PITIABLE. locomotion=UNACCEPTABLE. transmit signal=DIVERSION-FROM-OBJECTIVE. installation of warp drive=RELEVANT. status=INCOMPLETE. <playername>=IMPOTENT. scanning local beings for compatible warpdrive=COMPLETE. objective=TAKE.

Um captain, we should maybe listen to whatever it is. I have this lingering feeling that it can kill us if we dont comply...

Kill Mandarom.

Rewards: 1000 Steel, 2000 Hydrogen crystals, 500 XP.

As soon as we handed it the warp drive, it left. Immediately we are bombarded with messages in our F-mail accounts and a distress call on our ships data-banks.

Captain, im pretty sure its the Overmind that left us earlier. The warp drive from Mandarom was pretty broken, something must have went wrong. Do you want to pursue the Overmind to its location, after what it just did to us earlier?

Land on Fulzar warpgate

Rewards: 10000 XP.

I have detected the distress signal towards the direction of Ymer. Its quite infamous for its sidius but we have made it too far in this quest to go back. Shall we proceed to our deaths,<playername>?.

Land on Ymer

Rewards: 10 Flux, 10000 XP.

... Numen OVERMIND: status=INCOMPLETE. directing signal to=IMPOTENT. recent ascension attempt=FAILED. warp drive=FAILED transition=PARTIAL. quest log=PROGRESS.NIL.
... Numen OVERMIND: power source=INSUFFICIENT. hydrogen refinary=RELEVANT.

Obtain 100 hydrogen oscillators.

Rewards: 5 Flux, 10000 XP

... Numen OVERMIND: current warp drive=INSUFFICIENT. new warp drive=RELEVANT. scanning local beings for compatible warpdrive=COMPLETE. objective=TAKE. tip=SURVIVE.

Kill the Executor and obtain all three pets.

Rewards: 15 Flux, 30000 XP

... Numen OVERMIND: current warp drive=SUFFICIENT. ascension log=FAILURE cause=POWER-DISSIPATION. hydrogen=UNACCEPTABLE. optimal power SOURCE=VOID-ENERGY. scanning local beings for power=NIL. searching <playername> bestiary log=COMPLETE.
... Numen OVERMIND: integration to dimensional rift=PLAUSIBLE. void power=IN-PROGRESS. deletion of NIL=POSSIBLE. probability of IMPOTENT survival=...UNCERTAIN.

Kill 50 ???.

Rewards: 1000 Alien alloys, 25 Flux, 50000 XP

... Numen OVERMIND: quest status=COMPLETE. ascension attempt (redacted)=IMMINENT. list<playername>=NON-IMPOTENT. activate NUMEN=INITIATED...
Captain! we got one more distress call. Its from the Overmind. We should check on it, you know... to see if it messed up yet again?

Land on the disbanded hangar in Kappello.


This standard space explorer ship has seen the end, and the beginning.


Health: 10
Armor: 0
Shield: 10
S. Regen: 8

+25% Cooldown
+100% Max power
+10% Power regeneration
+7.5% Speed

Post status= incomplete :P
#64461 by TheScrub Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:39 pm
Lock this thread, there should be no more submissions.


Our determination is based on our will to survive.

#64620 by traf Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:55 am
Happy to oblige! :)

Please feel free to private message me!

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“Don't write so that you can be understood, write so that you can't be misunderstood.”
― William Howard Taft

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