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#62206 by TheSorrow Fri Sep 30, 2016 3:36 pm
In the last weeks, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about things that AstroFlux needs, and I realized something. This game only has one ship that can be rewarded from a mission, all the other you must slave away at timed missions to gain flux to buy. Personally, I believe that this should change, but who really cares what I believe :D So, I have decided to make a contest to see what ideas you guys have. Your task is straight forward.

You must design a mission chain that will have a ship reward at the end, and also design the ship.

Requirements: You must specify the reward at the end of each part completion, and a short description of the task. You must also provide the stats of your new ship, along with any specific weapons. A picture/drawing/video ect. of the ship is required, but don't worry if you aren't very artistic. As long as I can see the design, we're good.

Rules: For now, I will keep it at 1 entry per person, but I may change that in the future.

Reward and Judging: This contest will start tomorrow, October 1st. It will run until November 1st, at which time I will review the entries with some people who have not entered and determine the winners. And now for the good part! The reward of this contest will be flux, and a fair amount of it for all the hard work you will put in. The amount is yet to be determined, as this and the amount of winners will be based on how many people enter the contest (minimum reward will be 1000 flux). So invite all your friends, and lets make this the biggest contest yet! Good luck, and may the flux be with you :D
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#62209 by Order Fri Sep 30, 2016 4:26 pm
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“Together, they would watch everything that was so carefully planned collapse, and they would smile at the beauty of destruction.”
― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief
#62211 by Nightsky Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:05 pm
I pretty much focused on an electricity based ship and an old sprite of one of my creations. There isn't much to say but let's get straight into the contest entry.

The Archnemesis - Part 1
???: "Hello, D-Do you hear me? Oh thank god. Hey, i'm a lonely traveler in the open spaces. What i'm doing here you will probably ask? I have... bad connections within the antor federation and anyways when i returned those bastards attacked me outside of the sight of the AF-Fleet, making it nearly impossible to survive even within the fleet. Please, i beg you, will you help me?"

Task: Go to the travelers hideout located in kritilian.
Reward: 1.200 EXP, 2000 Steel.

The Archnemesis - Part 2
???: "Oh, you arrived? Good to know... sorry for not telling you my name, nowadays you can't really trust anybody but your heroic actions reached even to the most outer sectors. My name is Murphy and well... i'm a bullied AF-Member, though, we can't all this bullying anymore. Since the day when i tried to re-build a ship he uses he follows me everywhere within the AF-Sectors, and it's just a matter of time until they find my secret hideout here. Why re-building a ship? His one is unique and not even available for sale in the AF-Hangars. As far as i know this is highly illegal not sharing technology, but somehow he always gets away with it. Enough of the story talking, i need you bust him him or, if necessary, take him down. For now, let's check your pilot level... i hope you are level 100."

Task: Reach level 100 (if you passed level 100 already, this mission is completed immediately)
Reward: 5.000 EXP, 3000 Steel

The Archnemesis - Part 3
Murphy: "Alright, i see you are level 100. Alright, i would say let's start with some spying and spotting. If we don't know where he is, we can't lure him out nor strike him. I already spotted a suspicious looking station in kritilian. It looks like some kind of secret base in the far outsides, i'm not sure if you already heard of it. Though, it is guarded by some kind of drones. These drones look weak but be careful though, you never know what traps he has opened up."

Task: Land on the disbanded hangar in kritilian
Reward: 12.500 XP, 7500 Steel, 5 Flux

Note: >1< 2.000.000 Health and 1.000.000 shield station is preventing the player from landing and there are 2 tesla drones guarding the location, more information to the enemies later.

The Archnemesis - Part 4
Murphy: "Alright, did you catch him?" *You tell him about finding nothing but an abandoned hangar* Murphy: "I see... did he know we are coming? This is bad... We have to find him, at least i do. Where else could he possibly hide? Anyways, these drones you just destroyed could come in handy, luckily you collected their parts during the fight. Hand me over these drones and go collect some stuff so i can create a new one for you. Yes, i'm an engineer as well. I need 500 Big metal scraps, 100 Core charge and 100 alien alloys."

Task: Collect 500 Big metal scraps, 100 Core charge and 100 Alien alloys
Reward: 15.000 XP, 10.000 Steel.

The Archnemesis - Part 5

Murphy: "We've got a problem! My base is being attacked by drones! Please come as fast as you can and hold them off, the base can't stand the drones any longer!" *Cut of communication line*

Task: Destroy tesla-Drones 0/4 > Then go to the travelers hideout
Reward: 20.000 EXP, 12.500 Steel, 5 Flux, Tesla drone factory weapon.

Note: Around the hideout are 4 tesla drones which you have to destroy, afterwards you can land.

The Archnemesis - Part 6
Murphy: "Oh thank god for helping me, i thought i was going to die now, i owe you one. Well, you got the tesla drones now. Interesting technology offering a long range and close range attack and being well armored as well. Alright, due to this attack i was able to find the manufacture date and location in one of these debris. And it says it was constructed 2 days ago in vorsran. This is strange. Besides of the Antor federation stations i can't seem to find another one. I mean my radar technology isn't the best but i would find a huge station with ease... Unless. I have an idea, take me to the warpgate in Vorsran and let me see if i can somehow spot a station from there."

Task: Go to - Vorsran Warpgate
Reward: 5.000 EXP, 3 Flux.

The Archnemesis - Part 7
Murphy: "God, these bombers literally blow these stations apart soon. Can you get rid of them? These bombers are interfering the signals and i can't seem to get a clear signal here."

Task: Destroy nexar bomber 0/20
Reward: 18.500 EXP, 5 Flux.

The Archnemesis - Part 8

Murphy: "I think... i think i found a station here. It is far to the north from here, you can't even see it on the map from here. Alright, i think that's him. We have to go there and lure him out or kill him. Nobody would miss him anyways."

Land on: Secret hideout in vorsran
Reward: 10.000 EXP

The Archnemesis - Part 9
???: "Who are you supposed to be? How did you get past my security system? Ahh well, doesn't matter to me, it's time for you to go into a deep sleep, come out if you think you can beat me."

Kill Unknown archangel 0/1
Reward: 50.000 EXP, 50.000 Steel, 20 Flux

The Archnemesis - Part 10
Murphy: "I lost the signal to one of the ships near you... did you kill him? YOU DID? Great! This is going to be the best day in my life... Collect his ships debris and bring them to me, we will show the remaining parts to the antor federation and make this ship a flyable ship for all."

Land on: Upgrade station in vorsran.
Reward: 10 Flux, 40.000 Steel, Ship: Archangel


The new enemies you will encounter

Tesla Drone [98]
Health: 420.000
Armor: 5.000
Shield: 600.000
Sh. R.: 1.000

Kinetic resistance: 60%
Energy resistance: 80%
Corrosive resistance: 75%

Lightning gun
DPS: 45.000 (20° firing angle)
Range: 100 Pixels (uses it on close range)

Electric bolts
Has medium range... Medium damage, moderate fire rate and relatively slow projectile speed.
Damage: 8.200
Rate of fire: 2 x 4 rounds per second
Range: 400 pixels

Unknown Archangel [150]
Health: 3.200.000
Armor: 5.000
Shield: 2.500.000
Sh. R.: 10.000

Kinetic resistance: 80%
Energy resistance: 80%
Corrosive resistance: 80%

Shock Spikes
Damage: 80.000 x 2 (long range + guiding + Chain AoE on impact)
Fire rate: 0.8
Range: 1000
Uses on long range and medium range.

Shockwave launcher
Special: Full penetration (goes through everything)
Damage: 20.000 x 5
Fire rate: 1.0
Range: 300 pixels
Close range attack


Ships you obtain

Health: 7
Armor: 5
Shield: 7
Sh. R.: 5

+60% Energy damage
+20% Increased attack speed
+7.5% Speed

level 4 Power
Level 2 Engines


Shock spikes
"These lethal spikes work like energized missiles which leave a long reaching chain AoE upon impact with a foe."

Damage: 2150 X 2
Rate of fire: 0.75
Range: 750 Pixels
Speed: 400 pixels per second
Power usage: 20 per shot
Difficulty: moderate

Upgrades (altogether):
+128% Damage, +10% Rate of fire, +40% Range, +20% Projectile speed, added proximity trigger at level 6 with 30 pixel proximity radius

Elite tech: Not decided

Shockwave launcher
"These all-piercing shock waves deal low damage per shot but have a moderate fire rate and medium range which can electrocute enemies in a line"

Damage: 600 x 5
Rate of fire: 1.0
Range: 250 Pixels
Speed: 250 pixels per second
Power usage: 10 per shot
Difficulty: moderate

Upgrades (altogether):
+145% Damage, +25% Rate of fire, +20% Range, +10% Projectile speed

Elite tech: Not decided.


Obtainable weapons:

Tesla drone factory (max 2 drones)
80% Of player health, speed and shield

Since i don't know how drones work, let's just say Lightning gun should be a deadly close range weapon while electric bolts should deal moderate mid-range damage.


Alternate design:
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#62214 by I_Am_Jarvis Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:41 pm

Triggered upon reaching level 120.

Task 1:
Crew: "The bionic larva is great and all with the teleport, but what about those moth queens that spawn those? Maybe we can check in with Xhargreg and see if he can come up with something... But first, we should probably bring him the usual bribe"
-Gather 400 Bug Legs
Rewards: 5,000 Exp and 5 Flux

Task 2:
Crew: "That should do it. Let's check up on old 'Bug Brain' and see if he's up to the task."
-Land on Abandoned Hangar in Fulzar
Rewards: 2,500 Exp

Task 3:
Xhargreg: "Oh hello there. Ohhhh bug legs! You people know me too well. What can I do for you? ... Bionic Moth Queens, you say? The teleporting larva isn't good enough for you? I suppose I can make something to get you on your way to it... I'll need a good amount of crucial materials first."
-Gather 1,000 Toxic Waste, 100 Bug Legs, and 50 Alien Alloy
Rewards: 5,000 Exp and 10 Flux

Task 4:
Crew: "Well, this is the amount he asked for, plus a little extra, just in case. Let's head back and see what crazy idea he has in mind as a transition towards that bionic moth queen..."
-Land on Abandoned Hangar in Fulzar
Rewards: 3,000 Exp

Task 5:
Xhargreg: "Fantastic! You brought just enough for what I planned! Go spend some time with the Bionic Moth Queens that those bothersome Nezerians have to get a good feel for what you have to look forward to. I think you'll find this to be quite EGGcellent! *chuckles into a hacking cough*"
-Kill 10 Bionic Queens
Reward: 7,500 Exp, 5 Bionic Control Implants, and 10 Flux

Task 6: Xhargreg: "Quick! Come over to my lab! It's ready and anxious to meet you!"
Land on Xhargreg'sResearch Station in Zergillin
Rewards: 2,500 Exp and Metamoprhic Egg (Replaces Bionic Larva, but retains the upgrades and weaponry you had on it)

Task 7:
Crew: "An egg? Let me guess, we have to FLY this thing until it hatches." Xhargreg: "Yes, indeed! What better way to keep the beast inside from bucking on you if you show how strong the two of you are together from the start? Oh speaking of, you're going to have to do that, before it hatches." Crew: "Wait... What?"
-While piloting Metamorphic Egg, kill 75 different enemies
*Note: If you die, while piloting it, you will be defaulted to using Bionic Larva again, and you will have to renew the Egg in the Abandoned Hangar for 25 Flux.
Rewards: 5,000 Exp, 10 Flux, and a 36-hour timer activates. Once this timer expires, the Metamorphic Egg will be swapped out with the Bionic Queen player ship, which will have the same weapons and upgrades of the Egg ship, just as the Egg had so with the Bionic Larva.

Metamorphic Egg.PNG
Metamorphic Egg.PNG (5.44 KiB) Viewed 6607 times

(Frames in ship animation are numbered)

An obscure creation of Xhargreg's, the Egg is the transition between the Bionic Queen and its predecessor, the Bionic Larva.

Health: 5 of 10
Armor: 10 of 10
Shield: 3 of 10
Shield Regeneration: 4 of 10

+25% All Damage
- 15% Engine Speed
-5% Cooldown

No upgrades pre-manufactured. These are not necessary to have on this ship, seeing as there are already pre-manufactured upgrades in the preceding ship, Bionic Larva.
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Many a day, I go through mental debates:
Is there any exception to the 3-Ates?
"Tolerate, Compensate, Mediate."
Alas there is none, they are so great.
Perhaps you can try, but only your best.
For every time, these shall pass the test.
-E. Jarvis
#62324 by TheMiswakinator Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:50 pm
mission: Nexar Infiltration

"Nexar-Infiltration-P01" bombers kills
"Nexar-Infiltration-P02" cluster/skirm kills
"Nexar-Infiltration-P03" clear first gate
"Nexar-Infiltration-P04" xhaveris kill
"Nexar-Infiltration-P05" nexar hangar landing
"Nexar-Infiltration-P06" ahrgeris landing
"Nexar-Infiltration-P07" clear second gate
"Nexar-Infiltration-P08" zhergur kill
"Nexar-Infiltration-P09" land on nexar recycle
"Nexar-Infiltration-P10" zhersis land
"Nexar-Infiltration-P11" third gate clearance
"Nexar-Infiltration-P12" xhargrefh kill
"Nexar-Infiltration-P13" elite hangar landing
"Nexar-Infiltration-P14" yhersis landing
"Nexar-Infiltration-P15" fourth gate clearance
"Nexar-Infiltration-P16" herivis kill
"Nexar-Infiltration-P17" elite recycle landing
"Nexar-Infiltration-P18" xhergres landing
"Nexar-Infiltration-P19" fifth gate clearance
"Nexar-Infiltration-P20" ahrgeris kill
"Nexar-Infiltration-P21" ghervis landing

Ship: Vengeance

shadowwep.jpg (125.49 KiB) Viewed 6200 times

vengeancedialog.jpg (115.64 KiB) Viewed 6200 times
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#62528 by Caleb Tue Oct 04, 2016 10:42 pm
A New Kind of War.

Rewards: AF-Interceptor
Stats: Sheild:1 Health:5 Armor:5 Regen:1
Speed +100%
Attack Speed +25%

Interceptor Blaster
Damage 10
Range 6
Refire 5
Energy 5
Difficulty 5

Emergency Warp Lock
Charge for 10 seconds and fire to return to the main system warp gate. allowing to quickly change systems to rush to allies in need.

Chain Start: On level 120

Mission 1: Land on AFIS HQ
"Captian, we received information that has changed everything. Report back to base ASAP"
Experience: 1,000 Steel: 5,000

Mission 2: Land on Asteroid 34
"We need you to acquire a rare mineral, we believe asteroid 34 might have a significant deposit."
Experience: 1,000 Steel: 5,000

Mission 3: Land on Xhargregs Research Station
"Bring the newly acquired minerals to Doctor Xhargreg"
Experience: 17 Steel: 3 Hearts: 50 Bug Legs: 50

Mission 4:Land on Disbanded hangar
"Ah, yes, in order to melt and temper this metal i will need a singularity generator. It is currently an outdated technology only found on the oldest ships"
Experience: 1337 Steel:1337

Mission 5: Land on Golgata III
"Good job, now if you can acquire some moth plasma spit samples from Golgata III for my work that would be great."
Experience: 1,000 Steel: 5,000

Mission 6: Kill 30 bionic queens
"I need you to acquire some samples from different species of moths just for comparison."
Experience: 20,000 Steel: 100,000

Mission 7: Land on Abandoned Hangar
"It would seem that I left some of my equipment on the old Abandoned Hangar could you grab it for me."
Experience: 1,000 Steel: 5,000

Mission 8: Kill the Fanatic Tank
"While i experiment with this metal i need you to find me a set of the fastest engines in the galaxy."
Experience: 10,000 Steel: 50,000

Mission 9: Land on Nezerian Research Base
"This Nezerian Technology is quite interesting. Can you locate a prototype Nezerian warp drive for me."
Experience: 10,000 Steel: 50,000

Mission 10: Destroy 3 Dreadnaughts
"According to files on the Nezerian Research Base, prototype warp drives come equipped standard on Nezerian Dreadnaughts."
Experience: 50,000 Steel: 100,000

Mission 11: Land on Nexar Elite Recycle
"The Singularity generator is not working... it looks like we are going to have to go into the belly of the beast and find the most powerful furnace in the universe."
Experience: 100,000 Steel: 300,000

Mission 12: Destroy 64 Nexar Elite Edge
"Now that we have the warp drive and the new metal, all we need is a new kind of battery. I have heard that there is a Nexar ship that can power a long range Light Wave Generator. Destroy a few for me."
Experience: 100,000 Steel: 200,000

Mission 13: Land on AFIS HQ
"Good job, Captain, we are sorry for the long journey, but thanks to your efforts we have developed a new weapon to fight a new kind of war, one that can respond quicker, faster, and harder than any before."
Experience: 10,000 Steel: 5,000 Ship: AF-Interceptor
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#62531 by TheScythe Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:22 pm
A long and challenging mission chain, that cannot be finished in a day or two. The current mission chain for Vorsran is completed in a couple hours, and the bounty hunter only takes a couple days. This mission, is intended to be longer.

I may or may not add more details to this later, including description and rewards.. And the stuff that's said upon completion.

Starts from each of the fulzar stations one for each chain

Conquest of nezeria, starts from the hangar

1) kill 1000 fulzar fighters
2) kill 300 nezerian cruisers
3) kill 500 bionic plankton
4) kill 250 bionic macrophages
5) kill 200 bionic daemons
6) kill 100 bionic queens, and 400 bionic larva
7) destroy 250 nezerian spawners
8) kill 30 regii

Conquest of Aureus, starts from upgrade station

1) kill 700 warriors/monachus
2) kill 350 aureus shapes
3) kill 150 sidus and 700 shards
4) kill 60 judicators
5) destroy 90 aureus spawners
5) kill 15 executor

Salvage mission, starts from fulzar recycle

1) gather 5000 big metal scraps
2) collect 700 bionic implants
3) collect 500 polyhedric fabrics
4) collect 200 genetic control implants
5) collect 150 hydrogen oscillators
6) collect 600 advanced data chips

Conquest of nexar, starts Vorsran research

1) destroy 300 stealth bombers
2) destroy 250 nexar skirmishers
3) destroy 150 nexar vanguards
4) destroy 150 nexar blades
5) destroy 100 nexar projectors
6) destroy 100 nexar fighters
7) destroy 100 nexar cluster bombers
8) destroy 100 nexar twins
9) destroy 100 nexar healers
10) destroy 50 nexar tanks
11) destroy 150 nexar wave generators, and 50 spawners
12) destroy 40 elite commanders
13) destroy 30 elite phasers
14) destroy 25 elite blades
15) destroy 20 elite edges
16) destroy 15 elite vindicators
17) destroy 10 elite shadows

Reward: The Rook. You are now the GrandMaster of the Universe.

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#62658 by NinjaKaleSplat Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:53 pm
Land on Kapello Disbanded Hangar

The Nezerian History Pt. 1

"Crew: Captain! We have just found a data chip that may have some useful information! We have to find the woman that could decode the chips again..." (This is the box on the top left)

Crew: I remember that we were at the Anchorhead Cantina when we found the woman... We forgot her name, was it Dr. Mira? (This is the text within the mission)

Go to: Anchorhead Cantina (This is the objective)

1495 XP

The Nezerian History Pt. 2

"Dr. Mira: Perfect, just perfect! We have some History of the Nezerians! It will take a while to decode this, why don't you go investigate those Moth Queens that were turned bionic in Fulzar? If you kill, say, 12 of them, we might find out a bit of these Bionic Moth Queens... As well as this data chip."

Crew: We gotta kill some Bionic Moth Queens... We better hope that crazy 8's guy doesn't unleash his wasps...

Kill 12 Bionic Queens

7592 XP
6 Flux
4 Advanced Data Chips

The Nezerian History Pt. 3

"*A noise like a Nuke is heard.*
Crew: What was that noise?! Aww, as if we had to endure enough..." (A Nezerian Regius Exterminatore appears, which is unkillable at this point, but weak Nuke, as well as no Praetorians appearing, as well as being named Unknown Nezerian Ship Level 100)

Get out of the vicinity, fast! This unknown Nezerian ship is about to kill us!

Land on the Warp Gate.

3485 XP

The Nezerian History Pt. 4

"Crew: That was a close one... We found no information about the Bionic Moth Queens, but there is a large ship that is like a Nezerian Dreadnought. We should report this to Dr. Mira..."

Go to the Anchorhead Cantina and return to Dr. Mira.

Go to Anchorhead Cantina.

2895 XP
1 Flux

The Nezerian History Pt. 5

"Dr. Mira: Nothing on the Bionic Moth Queens, but there's a Dreadnought-like ship that attacked? This needs to be under investigation, but we have a more important discovery! The Nezerians used to control all of Fulzar, but then the Aureus came from a different system... That's all I can decode at this point. Maybe the Advectorian of theirs will have more data... Go get a data chip drom it."

Go kill Advectorian and acquire that data chip!

Kill 1 Advectorian

12140 XP
4 Flux
12 Advanced Data Chips

The Nezerian History Pt. 6

"Crew: That was somewhat easier than expected... We should head back to Anchorhead Cantina and find Dr. Mira again.

Go to Anchorhead Cantina!

Head within 20 units of the coordinates (0, 0) in Sarkinon.

3219 XP

The Nezerian History Pt. 7

"Crew: Wait... Did the Dreadnought Alarm sound? Shucks, we have to leave this system, now! Or we can kill them... Up to you, Captain."

Land on the gate or kill the Dreadnoughts. (Will not affect mission later, just the reward for this one)

Land on Warpgate.

4180 XP


Kill 5 Dreadnaughts

53023 XP
13 Flux
14000 Steel
2150 Hydrogen
4100 Plasma Fluids
6400 Iridium

The Nezerian History Pt. 8

"Crew: Get to the Cantina before more Nezerian reinforcements arrive! Do NOT go to any other system!"

Get to Anchorhead immediately, or else! (You cannot warp to any other systems apart from Durian at this point)

Land on Anchorhead Cantina

5602 XP

The Nezerian History Pt. 9

"Dr. Mira: You had dreadnought sightings? This is not good However, this will take a while to decrypt the data... Go find something to do in the meanwhile."

Since you have nothing to do, go collect 256 bug legs for Xhargreg!

Collect 256 bug legs.

14502 XP
4 Flux

The Nezerian History Pt. 10

"Xhargreg: Thanks for the legs, now let me get back to work! Oh, and I got some of those glowing boxes again... Take them."

Land on the Abandoned Hangar in Fulzar, give Xhargreg the bug legs.

Land on Abandoned Hangar.

"Crew: You had to, didn't you...
Wasp: Bzz! Bzz! *Pointing to the artifacts*"

6021 XP
4 Flux
15 arts (Level 100-135)
1 Bug Leg

The Nezerian History Pt. 11

Return to Dr. Mira, to see if she has completed decrypting the data chip.

Land on Anchorhead Cantina

4321 XP

The Nezerian History Pt. 12

"Dr. Mira: From what I have found, it says that there had been a lone warrior of the Aureus that had come to Fulzar, to see whether there was any hospitable planets. It had managed to avoid the Nezerians, and found a total of nine planets, and 3 suns. It went back, and most likely called in reinforcements, causing the Aureus to go to war with the Nezerians. The Aureus had managed to take over half the system by the time we arrived. We managed to hold both factions at their places, for two years now. There should be something more..."

Dr. Mira: I remember! Remember that large red ship that was like a Dreadnought? Why don't you see if that's even... uh... destroyable, and find a data chip that tells about more Nezerian history!

Kill 1 Nezerian Regius Exterminatore.

61204 XP
15 Flux
21000 Steel
3225 Hydrogen
6150 Plasma Fluid
9600 Iridium
25 Advanced Data Chips

The Nezerian History Pt. 13

"Crew: Perfect, we should get this to Dr. Mira ASAP."

Go to Anchorhead Cantina, and give the chip to Dr. Mira!

Go to Anchorhead Cantina.

Reward: 5201 XP

The Nezerian History Pt. 14

"Dr. Mira: Well, we will have to get a stronger system to log this... Get me some Big Metal Scraps or Engine Parts or something... Actually, Engine Parts are plentiful, you should get some Big Metal Scraps. I'd say about 750 would work."

Get the Big Metal Scraps for Dr. Mira to improve her Data System.

Get 750 Big Metal Scraps.

12025 XP
12025 Steel
1200 Iridium

The Nezerian History Pt. 15

"Dr. Mira: Perfect, Perfect, now we can get the log of this. Why don't you do something while I'm logging these, it's going to take a while..."

Go destroy some Space Squids, Nezerian Destroyers, and Fanatic Raiders. 125 should be enough time for Dr. Mira to get done with the Logs.

Kill 125 of either Space Squids, Nezerian Destroyers, or Fanatic Raiders.

15201 XP
16 Flux

The Nezerian History Pt. 16

Crew: We should navigate back to the Anchorhead Cantina, and see if the data chip has been logged.

Land on Anchorhead Cantina.

5420 XP
1 Flux

The Nezerian History Pt. 17

"Dr. Mira: There are two accounts. The first one was that the Nezerians had thrown the Dominator to Azuron, to see what was up. Its crew had managed to convince the space pirate Mandrom to come and destroy Azuron, by blowing the sun up. That Mandrom in Arrenius? That's a copy of the original, which might be Mandrom's Father. Alright, now for the second one, which is slightly less detailed. The Dominator had been in the battle of Azuron, as a Nezerian Battleship, and arrived at Durian a few years later, severely damaged. Now, I believe that both logs may be true, but we never know... We seem to be missing a part of the information, we should find it."

Go find other information for Dr. Mira!

Go to Warp Gate (Vibrilian)

Reward: 8501 XP

The Nezerian History Pt. 18

"Crew: Is that the Fanatic Tank? I don't know why, but I get a sensation that it has SOMETHING, but the tank itself is not related to the Nezerians... Still, go destroy it."

Destroy the Tank, and salvage anything!

Kill 1 Fanatic Tank

16201 XP
21000 Steel
4 Advanced Data Chips.

The Nezerian History Pt. 19

"These seem like the Data Logs of the Nezerians... This is suspicious. We should bring this to Dr. Mira."

Bring the Data Chips to Dr. Mira!

Land on Anchorhead Cantina

Reward: 8592 XP

The Nezerian History Pt. 20

"Dr. Mira: Again, this will take a while to complete, you should do something in the meantime."

Go to the Withered Roots and go find the Renegade Defector, and check on him.

Land on Withered Roots.

12042 XP
2 Flux

The Nezerian History Pt. 21

"Renegade Defector: Hold it right there, or I will bla- Oh. You are the one who took me here, right? Came to see how I was holding up here? I'm doing fine, and there's been no renegade activity over here at all! You best come back to visit me sometime."

Go back to Dr. Mira to uncover the log.

Land on Anchorhead Cantina.

5012 XP

The Nezerian History Pt. 22

"Dr. Mira: I've found out everything we can know now, I think. The Nezerians had started shooting at our ships because we could not kill them. They had only started after the Aureus had attacked the Nezerians, and turned the four planets on their side gold. They had unleashed their weapon of mass destruction, and I think that's called a "Nezerian Regius Exterminatore" from what I've decoded. Now, we've gotten stronger, and we can now destroy the Nezerian race, but I would rather not. I think this is all the information we can get at this point... You've helped me so much with this, thank you. Take this good sum of Steel, and this brand new ship!"

31024 XP
75000 Steel
27 Flux
Nezerian Battleship Ship

Health of the other Regius -
2147483647 Shield + Health + Regen + Armor
Resists: 200% All resist

Nezerian Battleship stats -
Health 9
Shield 8
Armor 9
Shield Regen 8

+55% Kinetic Damage
+30% Energy Damage
-45% Speed
+150% Power
+15% Power Regeneration
-60% Rate of Fire

Automatically installed weapons/Upgrades
Level 6 Engines
Level 5 Shield
Level 3 Cruise Missiles
Plasma Torpedos
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#62747 by I_Am_Jarvis Fri Oct 07, 2016 3:34 am
As slow as this is going, I guess it would make sense when the contest duration is as long as a MONTH... Kinda makes people not bother to participate in a timely manner. Sure, it means we have loads of time to have our entries exactly as we want them, but it doesn't really get all that competitive from there. In any case, I figured I'd pipe in on the entries made by the other competitors that bothered to take the time to get the entries done and over with right away.

Nightsky: I like where you're going with it, but there's a reason for the contest duration to be so long... so that you DON'T RUSH THE TYPING OF IT. I'd count the number of times that capitalization had NOT shown up when necessary, but I don't have THAT kind of time on my hands. Also, you kinda forgot to insert when, where, how, etc. the mission chain starts. I'll assume you plan on adding in the elite techs and the rest of the Tesla Drone Factory stats later on, but I strongly advise specifying more on the Shock Spikes. Guidance rate and details on the AoE effect are missing. As for the Shockwave Launcher, I like how you were going for an approach similar to Light Wave Generator, so I wouldn't change anything about that except when adding in the elite techs for it. Once you have all that taken care of, it should be much more presentable.

KaleSplat: Well for one, I like how you tie in activities that are usually one-time things. I see you even added new concepts for mission triggers, and fairly ingenious ones at that, but I would like to point out that you seem to be lacking a bit on your Pt. 3 as far as what is actually supposed to be done. Speaking of a lack of things, ... erm... did you miss the part where this contest involves story mission chains with SHIP REWARDS? What you have already is great and all, but I'm just pointing out the fact that you seem to have bypassed half of what the contest is looking for...

All in all, great effort so far, the both of you. I look forward to seeing future entries from others that are participating in this!

Many a day, I go through mental debates:
Is there any exception to the 3-Ates?
"Tolerate, Compensate, Mediate."
Alas there is none, they are so great.
Perhaps you can try, but only your best.
For every time, these shall pass the test.
-E. Jarvis
#62769 by I_Am_Jarvis Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:07 pm

Many a day, I go through mental debates:
Is there any exception to the 3-Ates?
"Tolerate, Compensate, Mediate."
Alas there is none, they are so great.
Perhaps you can try, but only your best.
For every time, these shall pass the test.
-E. Jarvis

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