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#61670 by TheSpirit Tue Sep 20, 2016 12:01 pm
Keyboard Setup
Weapon fire:1st wep-O,2nd wep-P,3rd wep- 3rd bracket start "[",4th wep- 3rd bracket end "]" ,5th wep- backslash "\"
Mouse Setup
Weapon fire:1st wep-space,2nd wep-left click,3rd wep-right click,4th wep-A,5th wep-D
#61707 by bolbi Tue Sep 20, 2016 10:42 pm
Aiming: Mouse

Forward: W
Brakes: S
Turning: Mouse (max turn speed, 1.25 I believe)

Ship boosts:
All default (just used to using those keys as power ups for other games I play)

Slot 1 - Left mouse button and number 1
Slot 2 - Right mouse button and number 2
Slot 3 - A and number 3
Slot 4 - D and number 4
Slot 5 - Spacebar and number 5
Fire - Shift (never use it but it's there just in case)

I like being able to swap between my main damage weapons quickly, so with this setup I can swap between slots 1, 2, & 5 without taking my fingers off of Q & E (the boosts I use the most) then the rest of the slots are not normally being used constantly and when they are used it is normally just fired once or twice and then back to primaries. It is a bit different to get used to but I like having a different trigger for each weapon I am using.

Slot 1 is normally a secondary dps weapon, or harassment type weapon (constant damage) these are normally mid-long range weapons
Slot 2 is normally my heavy hitter e.g. LWG or CL (these tend to be short range weapons so I pair them with a decent mid-long range weapon in slot 1 e.g. Eagle Needles or Acid Balster respectively)
Slot 3 is Nuke/nova
Slot 4 is normally an Armor, shield regen, or damage debuff weapon
Slot 5 is debuff resist

Because you do not have to use nova to often in PvE I give the 5th slot to debuff resist, but for PvP I sometimes will swap slots 3 & 5, depending on the type of Players I am going against. e.g. someone using nova-able weapons as primary, or as a harassment weapon. If I ever use a pet it is normally in slot 3 as that is the slot I put my "not used much" weapons in.
#61893 by Hyperion Fri Sep 23, 2016 12:45 pm
This is done using a qwerty keyboard, laptop version.

I use the arrow keys to move.

Engine boost: /
Power/dmg boost: e
Invulnerability Shield: q
Sh to Hp repair: f

Weapon keys:
Weapon 1: 1
Weapon 2: 2
Weapon 3: 3
Weapon 4: w
Weapon 5: `

Map: .

The "s" key has been unbound from movement since it interferes with mule mode/auto cruise while typing in chat. All other preset keybindings have been left untouched.
#61895 by artioni Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:09 pm
For moving : wasd
skills : default
weap 1: ; (teleport or cloack)
weap 2: L (debuff1 )
weap 3: i (debuff 2)
weap 4: k (main pvp weapon)
weap 5: j (highest dps weapon )

I use keyboard only and use fire with hotkeys option
turn speed 1.25

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