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#61460 by GrayBeard Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:51 am
Default keys but with the left Shift key for arts and the left CTRL key for the map is how i run it, With of course the shoot with keys option making me able to run the account with one hand (i pretty much cannot because i always find my hand stuck to the mouse so i use that to shoot and do stuff instead)

weapon 1 is my debuff weapon
weapon 2 is my main damage weapon
weapon 3 is my healing/debuff weapon
weapon 4 and 5 are utilities in pve setups or long range weapons in pvp setups
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#61463 by Draconis Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:26 am
Some keys such as R1 have multiple functions, when held R1 will turn into TAB after half a second enabling autopilot. Others are macro functions such as down arrow will send Q and then wait 2s and send F for hardened shields and then heal/armor boost. Clicking R3 will send E+H to enter the speed glitch. There are two Q's because one is just auto fire Q when held because shield setups don't use the F key. When held L1 switches to the second layout so L1+D-Pad Right will open encounters screen and so on. Options menu is set to fire by hotkey and mouse click does not fire weapons at all, neither does spacebar. So 1-5 are weapons no need to press anything else to shoot. This is the reason I choose to suck at pvp, because I prefer my controller vs mouse aim and I suffer the consequence of poor aiming in favor of comfortable lay back and play without any keyboard in my lap.
afaik there is one other person using a controller to play, making this the most unique method of key mapping. with literally every key under my finger tips at all times, it is also the most convenient layout there can be.

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#61466 by Denito Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:58 am
Forward: W
Stop: S
Turn Left: Mouse Movement
Turn Right: Mouse Movement
I also use "A" and "D" respectively to make quicker and sharper turns, this is especially needed when doing DOMs in PvP or When PvPing and you need to coordinate a counter attack. :)

Shields: Q
Health: F
Boost: E
Damage: R
I love to keep my Defense keys very close to my fingers, as it makes it easier for me to quickly put up shields, regenerate or heal any necessary damage. and coordinate a effective counter attack. Over time you get used to where the keys are when they are so close, which means you get to spend more time paying attention to your flight patterns and your enemies attacks :)

Switching Weapons
I typically use the 1-5 buttons to coordinate my weapons :), Seeing that they are so close to my Defense and Movement Keys, I also get used to where they are, so I don't need to look. :)

Aim: Mouse Aim
Seeing that its a lot smoother to aim with your mouse, I use it most times for aiming and the A and D keys to make sharp turns.
Fire: Space
Now,my big thumb is always on my space button at all times, this makes it somewhat easy for me to quickly shoot down anything that moves, I would use the mouse for fun, but SPACE when shit gets real :).

Thats typically it for my Keys :) Everything else is as default :)

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#61467 by TheCen Sat Sep 17, 2016 3:11 am
Mouse Aim - turn speed is maxed (1.25)
W - Forward
S - Stop

Right Mouse Button - Main weapon (number key 2 default)
A - Utility weapon (number key 3 defualt)
D - Utility weapon (number key 4 default)
Capslock - support weapon (number key 5 default)
Shift - Cloak/Teleport guns (number key 1 default)
Left Mouse Button - uses any weapon I switched to using one of the keys above (i.e. press A, then press left mouse button it fires A again, press D, then press left mouse button it fires D again, etc.)

Alt - Map (my thumb rests on alt, makes it perfect for quick use)
Q, E, R, and F are all the same as default game.
Except - I do sometimes use Space Bar for my Q (hardened shields ~ depends on situation)

My medic setup: Except in this image you can see I used to use Control and Shift. Now, I use Shift (Teleport) and Capslock (orb/heal spray).

#61469 by Spaceman Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:36 am
Mouse aim, turn speed set to max

Keys A,S,F

Accelerator = Key E, Brake = Key D
Fire = Space bar
Hardened shield = Key W, Speed boost = Key R,
Power boost = Key T, Heal ship = Key G, Auto cruise = Key Q


#61479 by Titir Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:34 pm
Moving: Arrow Keys
Attacking: Weapon Hotkeys (Since my space bar acts funny and doesn't go with the arrow keys while moving when it is used to fire weps)
Q: Page up
E:Space Bar
F: Page Down
R:R (I don't use it much so its there so I never accidentally hit it) :)
I also use the keyboard controls
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#61503 by I_Am_Jarvis Sat Sep 17, 2016 7:00 pm
Q or <(left) - Shield
E or >(right) - Engine Boost
W or ^(up)- Thrust
S or v(down)- STOP!
D - Damage Boost
A - Armor Boost/ Shield Convert
K - Settings
Space or Right Click - Land
Z - Ship Stats
X - Arts
C - Cargo
V - PvP Matches
B - Clan
N - Encounters
M - Missions
Tab - Map
Ctrl or Delete - Auto Cruise
Mouse controls - turn, aim, shoot.

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#61569 by Kaffe Sun Sep 18, 2016 1:37 pm
While doing the video, I've used the WASD-cross to steer.
Weapons are at [H][J][K][L][Ö] (the "Ö" is next to the "L" on a Swedish keyboard).
Land on [U] and [I] (just because I seem to get confused).
Settings on [period] and missions on [o].
The rest are default, if I remember correctly.

This is not me having figured out what is the most optimal for me, just something that worked for the time being. I've been thinking of going over to a PS controller if I get back into the game. :)
#61589 by harculous Sun Sep 18, 2016 7:29 pm
i use sometimes mouse for movement... mostly keyboard becuase i am a keyboard fanatic---> turn speed 1.25(kill me)
main weapon: 1
utility/default weapons:2-3
secondary weapon: the ~ key near number 1 on my keyboard
extra wep(healing weps,sniping weps,teleport,cloak etc.): y key

that way i can use corrosive lighting and PSG without pressing 1 and 4 over and over... then debuffing with 2 and 3 on my keys
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