For any non-flux problems you find in AstroFlux
#75894 by BayD3 Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:20 pm

-Speed glitch. It's simple. Boost then open settings, then press close after a while and you'll jump. (I found it best when you wait a few seconds to go faster, rather it pressing H right away)
You can do this the clan menu, and the Leaderboard (Boost+click)
-Settings crash. Ever get annoyed when you do the speed glitch, and something kills you (like a death line) and you press close after? You get this empty box and you'd have no way to get out because there's no hotkey to close the settings. You'd have to refresh to get out of this.
-Mission not complete. Try to claim 2 of the same missions in a system. To claim the other mission go to another system.
-No damage bug. You pick up a new weapon and your dps either goes down to level 1 stats...or negative damage. Although you have negative dps, you cant heal enemies with the weapon.
-Warp glitch. Go to a nearby system, press WARP JUMP. Then, press L to unland, land again, and click the warp you want to go to.

-Ghost. Sometimes this happens because they lose their connection and not D/C. Usually happens randomly or dying. You see a spinning ship, or standing still, but you can't kill it. If this does happen to you, you are free to roam around without taking any damage.
-Weird hitbox/Invincible glitch. You sometimes see somebody that cannot be hit, is attacking you with extremely long beam weapons. When they place something like heal eggs, you can see that the hitbox is ahead of them. If known how to use, this glitch is broken and can be used to attack people from inside the safe zone.
-Level 0 ships/weird star on the map. Ever seen a level 0 player, standing still, or a random star on the map? You might have noticed that they are at 0,0. This happens when you enter a system and someone's landed or dead. This is because the game loads the ships, and if not found, is placed at 0,0.
-Invisible safe zone. This happens when you kill a spawner protecting a station, and when you kill the spawner, the safe zone appears. But, if you let the spawner spawn in again, there will be an invisible safe zone.

This happens when you land in something and open the settings. When you unland you see a glitched close button. Also happens when you die with the settings open. When pressed close, you open the last menu you've opened. This glitch can be stacked. If the last menu is :
Settings - You'll be stuck with an empty box and there's no way to escape but refreshing.
Warp gate - This one is the most messed up one to do. When pressed close, you see a black box. This box used to be a brighter warp gate with everywhere saying "You can't warp jump to here". To escape this black box, press L. Then, when you land in anything, you see your ship getting bigger, until you're stuck. To get out of this you'll have to refresh. All animations are stuck, like the the xp turning white when you get xp, or the fire on your ship when you get burnt, and the teleporting animation. When you teleport, you cannot turn until somebody kills you.
Weapon Factory - When you try to buy something, it says "You're not allowed to be here"
This is because the game checks if you're landed or not , and checks if you're a dev. This is plobs a dev tool.
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Hangar - When pressed close you will see the last hangar you are in. When attempted to buy something, it says "You're not allowed to be here" (not confirmed)
Paint Shop - When trying to buy a paint, will open "You're not allowed to be here" message.
Upgrade station - Works perfectly fine like a upgrade station.
Recycle station - Works perfectly fine like a recycle station. (It actually works when you recycle stuff)
Planet - Opens up the last planet you were in. Doesn't work for planet wars. Game will crash/infinitely stuck if you try to claim a area with a crew on it. Or this will happen :
tring to claim a area.
Capture.PNG (3.61 KiB) Viewed 1592 times

Map - When pressed closed you see a map from before, and one moving one. Brightness can go up if stacked. Sometimes you see weird void tentacle shots. When doing any landing menus (the ones above) You should avoid this one.
Artifacts - Works just like the artifact screens.
Clan - Opens up the Clan screen, but it is more transparent. (not confirmed about applying to a clan with this glitch)
Cargo - Works perfectly fine with the cargo screen.
Stats - Works perfectly fine with the stats menu.
Missions - Opens up a blank box. You can close it this time with the missions hotkey (or I by default)
Leaderboards - Opens up the leaderboards
Pods - When pressed close, you might have thought that you duped your pods. But, you can't open any in this glitch.
Shop - opens the shop but a bit glitchy. You can escape by pressing the hotkey (V by default) or click AF pods and close the pods.
Encounters - Works normally.

Instant respawn - Do the menu glitch on a station/planet (not the warp gate), die, press close, then press L. The game thinks that you've unlanded. (Make sure your last menu is on the station/planet!!!)
Death line clipping - You need 90%+ speed and some room to do this one. Speed glitch into the line, but before you hit it, press close. (You might notice that you hit the line a bit early, so press close bit earlier) Sometimes works with timing. (I heard that it's bannable to use it to farm cleaner and other stuff)
Planet Wars glitch - I did this once because, well, I was getting my crew in the center of vors. Each time I logged in, I claimed the planet.
Clan app spam/crash - apply to a clan, and spam crazy stuff. This can cause huge amounts of lag or crash people. "Hello, I want to join your clan because aoituioebnisnuteun...

Fire moth crash - Just have a fire moth stick on you...... For a few hours and when you shake the moth off, the system would crash.
Locust stacking - circle a planet killing the spawners and have a long tail of locusts behind you. This only takes 5 minutes. You will see people D/C'ing over, and over, and over.... until you d/c.
Border - Go on the fastest ship, best arts, and maxed ET, and it takes 3-5 hours to reach the border. After you reach it, you're stuck on what looks like a 1d line. When an update happens (using an ability, shooting, turning), it jumps you back to the invisible line. But if you keep moving forward, and cause an update to happen after a while, you'll loop around.
Broadside lag - Upgrade the Broadside, get upgrades into the ROF et, go full rof. Firing this can cause huge amounts of lag for old computers.
Weapon recharge glitch - just spam the projector and vindi/shadow projector really fast. Make sure you have alot of rof. You'll see a glitched charging weapon animation.
Co-op ghosting - This is when someone loses all their lives and get kicked out. Once they go back in, no enemies can attack them, and you can attack the enemies, giving easy troons. You will notice that you get a constant d/c, but you stay in the co-op until, you're stuck on the spinning A for some reason. This is why glitched high-scores appear on the leaderboard.
Multiple full-screen buttons - This only happens because of the small box kongregate uses. When disconnected, un-fullscreen and go into full screen again after you d/c. Happens with the menu glitch when you do the glitch in full screen and un-full screen.
Cloak desync - Happens when you speed boost while cloaked. When uncloaked you should jump weirdly. This is because your hitbox goes forward a bit, and will stay there until you somehow move the hitbox back, or just uncloak.
Friend list glitch - Add lots of people to your friend list. Sometimes the name will be off the screen even when you scroll down all the way. Happens with big ships like tanker.
Warp crash - Do the same thing as the warp glitch, but, you can crash if you do time it. When in the middle of the landing animation, and that can either: hear the warping noise and not warp, when unlanded you cannot move.
do the glitch as fast a possible, or, nothing happens.
If you have low fps, it is probably your computer. Get a new one... or just play with the fps.

Lazy pods-First, get your 3 daily pods claimable, queue for pvp and play until the end. In the end, close/refresh your game so you get stuck in the pvp match. When stuck in the pvp match, claim the pods. Refresh again, then you have your 3 pods and still have those claimable pods. You have to wait until the next day, since claiming them again will show the error message 'Pod already claimed'. Having the claimable missions can let you claim more pods the next day.
Was tring to trick the game into claiming the thing on another planet
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The menu glitch - glitched close button
Capture.PNG (125.07 KiB) Viewed 1597 times
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Um , who hacked my computer?
#75949 by redjay702 Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:28 pm
how to do the glitched hitbox?

T̷o ́i̕n̶v͟o҉k̸è t̸hę hiv̸ę-̶m̨in̛d repŕes̸en͢tin̸g ch̵ào͞s͝.
͞I҉nv͢o͘k̨i̢ng ̢t̨h̴e f͝eeĺi͘ng͝ of͏ ̸c͡hao̕s.
W̨įt̴ḩ ̢o̧u̕t̕ ͢order̷.
T͜h͝e N͢ez̴pe͝r͜d́i͡a̛n̡ ḩi̢ve͜-mi͡nd ̴of̵ ćh̵a̸o̡s҉. Za̶lgò.͜
H͠é w҉ho̷ W̵aits̸ Behind̴ T͡he W̧al͘l͘.̧

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