For any non-flux problems you find in AstroFlux
#71897 by hattemandendk Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:58 pm
This is exactly why I've stopped paying for the supporter package. You guys are never getting a dime outta me again. Absent developers that give zero information(bunker mentality) on anything. Appointing players as mods that are rarely on and don't communicate when needed(not all mods). A lot of the time the mods don't even know what is going on, because devs communicating skills are that of 10 year olds with aspergers and the damn list goes on and on into infinity. You guys can't even bother coding a damn warp from instance to instance function without it having to be a glitch(the constant warping hurts the overall performance of the game i remember you guys saying, yet you do nothing and we get to rubberband all over the map as people enter or leave a instance).

Fulafisken is a fitting name because foul you are indeed. You guys need a big kick with a big fat Danish boot! Shame on you! Enjoy you monday with 0 $€£ coming your way! :oops:

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