What the Flux? If you have any issues buying or spending flux, please post here
#72107 by ladelag Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:19 pm
Hi all,

So the last month (june 2017) i ended up in 6th place on PvP and didn't receive my flux reward. This also happened to me on may 2017 when i ended up on 10-11 place (pretty sure it was 10th place but would be great if you have a way to check what place i ended up) and didn't received my flux reward neither.

I'm not the only player who didn't received the PvP reward, i know other players who are in the same situation as me (nocturne from june, valorius from may and drnspdr from may and june) and is very probable that we are not the only ones with no PvP reward.

I really hope you can fix it and give us our reward. From my side would be 800 flux (from may and june), is so frustating to be playing PvP for an entire month with the promise, hope and enthusiasm that the flux reward produces on your mind to receive nothing in the end.

This time i have a screenshot:
Image 031.png
Image 031.png (174.05 KiB) Viewed 905 times

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