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What is BBcode?

BBcode allows you to add formatting and special items to your forum posts and private messages. It is similar to HTML, but has a simpler syntax and won't break the layout of the page. To use BBcode, enclose your text within an opening and closing tag. BBcode tags are case-insensitive. This means that [YOUTUBE] and [youtube] and [YoUtUbE] are the same. The tag name indicates what is done to the text it surrounds. For example, to add a clickable link on a page use the [url] tag:
Code: Select all[url][url]

BBcode Index

The following table lists BBcode tags you can use on this forum with a short description:
  • The 'Nests?' column indicates if other BBcode tags be used inside of this tag.
  • The 'Block?' column indicates if the enclosed text will appear separated from the surrounding text.

Tag NameNests?Block?Description
[url]nonoCreate a clickable link for a website
[email]nonoCreate a clickable link for an email address
[img]nonoPlace an image
[timg]nonoPlace a clickable thumbnail of a large image
[youtube]nonoEmbed a YouTube video
[b]yesnoBold the enclosed text
[i]yesnoItalicize the enclosed text
[u]yesnoUnderline the enclosed text
[s]yesnoStrikethrough the enclosed text
[left]yesyesAlign the enclosed text to the left
[right]yesyesAlign the enclosed text to the right
[center]yesyesAlign the enclosed text to the center
[tab]nonoInserts 5 spaces, like a tab before a paragraph
[indent]nonoIndents text by X number of pixels
[spoiler]yesnoHide the enclosed text because it could be considered a spoiler
[fixed]yesnoDisplay the enclosed text in a fixed-width font
[super]yesnoSuperscript the enclosed text
[sub]yesnoSubscript the enclosed text
[size]yesnoChange the size of the enclosed text (Maximum size is 200)
[color]yesnoChange the color of the enclosed text
[quote]yesyesDisplay the enclosed text as a quotation block
[pre]yesyesDisplay a block of text with the whitespace preserved
[code]yesyesDisplay a block of text as fixed-width source code
[col]yesyesFormat the enclosed text in two columns
[list]yesyesFormat a series of items as a bulleted or numbered list
[table]yesyesFormat information in a table

LinksBBcode index ^

Use the [url] [/url] tags to create a clickable link.

Simple Links

The easiest way to use this tag is to surround the URL you wish to link to with [url][/url] tags. The URL will be shown as you typed it, but it will be hyperlinked. Here are some examples:

Code: Select all[url][/url]

These examples produce the following links:

Customized Links

In the above examples, the URL being linked to is displayed as the clickable text. However if you want to change the clickable text, you can add the URL as a parameter. In this form, whatever is inside of the [url][/url] tags will become clickable text. You can also place an image inside of the [url][/url] tags to make the image a clickable link. For example:

Code: Select all[url=]Click here to visit the AstoFlux forums[/url]

These examples produce the following links:
Click here to visit the AstoFlux forums

[URL] Tag Rules

The use of this tag is governed by a rigid set rules:
  • URLs must begin with http: or https:
  • URLs cannot have spaces. If you need a space in a URL, encode it as '%20'
  • URLs that are badly mangled or potentially malicious will not be parsed

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