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#19771 by 0_0 Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:49 pm
Basic situation, these new Tier 7 expensive scams are 10X what you paid for the weapon upgrades for 1.5X the improvement, on some, maybe even 1.001X Mathematicians Nightmare here, with number crunching (crunch bug legs anyone?) and disappointment of your month's worth of steel down the drain. (and 200 flux if you are smart enough)

Here I am ruling out your pending decisions on upgrades.

Rapid Recharge Speed Boost (engine)

This one is a monstrosity.
.25% cooldown/upgrade
25% for 100 upgrades (3.5 Million steal)

Cooldown already: 4 seconds
Cooldown with this "amazing" upgrade!: 3 seconds.

I PAYED 3.5 MILLION STEEL FOR **** (I didnt actually)

Please place any of your own ideas on this, I will add it (with credit) here. Any of these are up for collaboration and discussion


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