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#76135 by BayD3 Sat May 26, 2018 1:02 am
This is just a small guide for those that keep dying and think the center is annoying.

200k+ shield , 75% all riests , +1500 corro flat , +90% rof. (Safest way is to do it in corrosive)
Level 120+
The weapons you need for the corrosive set is
Corrosive lightning , Nuke/Algea , X-32 constructor(Zlatte) , and Vindi teleport or normal teleport , and some spheres. (ET on level 80+ should work fine)

When loose , a spot at 100,40 will work most of the time. If it doesn't work , destroy a spawner and wait there. Having your pets out can help if Zhersis pops up randomly while you are killing the spawner , and your pets will be more likely be attacked than you. If this happens , shoot it with nuke(make sure you don't hit anything else with it) or your corrosive lightning. Move to the center where less enemies come.
Always time when it spawn when killed. When almost spawned , spam spheres into the hole.
When it gets messy and the black hole is messing with your circling , you can go out the circle and start shooting it from the outside. (It won't attack you when pets are shooting it. Just in case , use spheres.)

This is annoying for many people.
To lure it , use spheres(or your whole ship) , and if it comes with some blades , teleport away and run away. Repeat until only Ahrgeris is coming after you.(don't hit Q , or else it could teleport and kill you right away) Hit it with DoT and find a safe spot. When it teleports , hit Q right away, or if it comes face to face , go into it and press Q. It will start circling you , and keep a safe distance away from it(you need to still reach it with your corrosive lightning). I find that only 1 pet works the best. Hit it with spheres when you think it's going to attack you.

The Rear Admiral Vorghis is unnecessary to kill for arts. Even if you're looking to kill it , I do not recommend killing this to farm arts.
Anyways , a group of people shooting corrosive lightning and blade should confuse the blade and it barely attacks. If you're alone , try 3 pets and shooting it. When it tries to attack , hit it with spheres. You can try to circle with different amount of pets and see what fits you.

You do not need to kill spawners , but it can open up a safe space to go check arts and rec arts.
The spawners you would kill is the one's counterclockwise of the planet , and the northwest spawner should be avoided(it spawns 3 elites) and is a waste of time.
Um , who hacked my computer?
#76139 by PurpleVind Sat May 26, 2018 9:46 pm
While I agree on the above, you can use any stacking dot weapon to kill most things in center of vorsan.
The big issue is making sure you nova every once in a while so the bombers don't get you while dealing with minibosses. Also any corner spawner spawn shadows, which are the worst enemy to deal with, so the spawner to attack is usually the left or right one.

You can also use the energy orb pet to lock down most enemies in center vorsan without the level upgrade, since it heals the damage type most center guys use.

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