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#75993 by Neglectus Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:29 pm
Hello! It's the guy who complained about Nexar ships. Truth be told, I have a Vindicator, so I decided to make a review of it :)

Rambling about Stats

The Vindi has great defensive stats, whilst the offensive stats are very low. The Vindi has the second biggest armor in the game, so it should be good for an HP build. I heard it's good for both, but I highly prefer an HP build. Another interesting thing is that it gives a bonus for both Energy % and Corrosive %, so there are a lot of options for unique builds. The +30% RoF is very helpful, and I like comparing Vindi to Retro.

HP Builds

Surprisingly, the HP build is similar to the Retro, a difference being that Vindi got more armor, but less SH regen. Another reason I think that Vindi is good in an HP build is the fact that both their armor and SH regen is great, so you have good healing whilst remaining tanky.
Extra SH ET
Extra Armor ET


When I first played it, it just felt odd. The only thing I managed to master is the tp, which I will talk about later. By now, a day after, it feels natural, and I chake it off as a normal ship, much like the Retro. The Vindicator has very fun gameplay due to the tp, I love it.

Vindicator Teleportation

Half luck, half skill. A long range, chargeable teleport, which I proudly mastered in 10mins. Although it's awkward, but effective to use in PvP. Good to escape, perfect to chase, travel and as a tactic in PvP. Beware that you take 100% more damage whilst charging.
Energy Consumption.

Other weapons

The missiles and projector both are very good to keep your enemy at bay. I don't recommend the blaster due to the poor damage. Use something like LWG or PG instead, you won't regret it.

Last Words

Very good and fun ship to have. Although I don't think it's worth all of that flux, like, come on, 5800? 4800 would be a more appropriate price, but whatever. All in one I'd say that this is something like an upgraded Retro, because they have many similarities.

Hahaha, funny memes

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