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#71662 by zZoNe Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:26 pm
Hello everyone,

Many of you know me as a major PvP player. I have been pvping with many players for a couple years now and I have learned many strategies and builds that can help a player become a better pvper. So, this thread is going to be about how one should create a weapon build and a few pvp tactics. I won't go too much into pvp tactics since Swole has already done a good job covering it.

A few disclaimers

1. Everyone has different play styles, therefore my tips may not apply to some players.
2. The weapon builds I suggest are for a general pvp purpose. They will not be effective against all players.
3. These are some tips for players who has very little experience in pvp. More experienced players may have different opinions and if you do, please share them in the comments.
4. These are tips for players who are pvping against other players who are equally matched or stronger than them. (Do whatever you like against weaker players)

Key terms:

I want to clear some terms that I will be using in this thread.

Short-ranged weapons: Any weapon that fires projectiles with a range of twice an average ship length. Ex: Aureus lightning, Light Wave Generator, and any flamethrowers.

Mid-ranged weapons: Anything with a range of a level 6, no elite tech, beamer is what I define as mid-range.

Long-ranged weapons: Any weapon that can fire a projectile that goes off your screen at 100% zoom. Ex: Chrono beam, any of the projectors and Aureus beam.

Weapon choices:

When creating a weapon build, I generally prefer to have two main damage dealers, two debuffers and teleport. One thing I want to mention is that teleport is absolutely essential in pvp. I personally use teleport in every build.

My current build (from weapon 1 to 5) is: Aureus lightning, Photonic blaster, Energy nova, Vindicator teleport, and Aureus beam.

When I create a weapon setup, I want to ensure that I have one mid to long ranged damage weapon, and one close ranged high damage weapon.
This is to ensure that players cannot kite you with long ranged weapons if you only have short ranged weapons. At the same time, because longer ranged weapons have lower dps, you will lose to players with close ranged high dps weapons if your build consists only of long ranged weapons.

Your first debuffer weapon should be an effective resistance debuffer that can debuff at least 40% resistance. Common debuffers include:
Energy: Aureus beam, void tentacles
Corrosive: Algea nova, Nuke launcher
Kinetic: Infested missiles

Your second debuffer weapon can debuff damage or reduce armour. If you use weapons like Aureus lightning, then you already have an armour debuffer, therefore its better to use a damage debuff.
Common damage debuffers include:
Concussive shells, Energy nova

One thing to note, if your opponent has high shield regeneration, sometimes it may be more effective to use disabling shield regeneration. Although, only a fraction of the players use this so it will not be effective against an hp player.

And of course, teleport is vital to any pvp build. Use it in every setup. Don't know how to use it? Go practice pvp. Don't have teleport? Go farm flux and buy the Portal ship.

PvP tactics:

When pvping, the most important thing is to avoid taking damage as much as possible. (Seems obvious, but many players still try to tank the damage. I'll talk a bit about this later.)
Another important aspect is to learn your opponents play style. Not going to go in depth since Swole already covered that. (Go read his thread if you haven't already. Link is at the top.)

In pvp, your main objective is to win, obviously, so you need to have a win condition. Your win condition will vary depending on the build you choose.

For example, one of my builds involves using Prismatic crystal and sticky bombs. So my win condition is to blow up my opponent with my bombs. Since sticky bombs are a very old tactic, may players know how to counter it. Which is why I use Prismatic crystal to force my opponent to harden shield first. As soon as they use harden shield, I would stack my bombs which will explode three seconds later and one second after harden shield expires.

Another example is the electric field stomp, which uses a combination of vindicator teleport (or regular teleport) and electric field. Your goal is to debuff their resistance first, force out their harden shield prematurely and then teleport on top of them and use electric field for an instant kill.

One thing I want to explain first. In pvp, I consider a player to have three main defensive tools; Harden shield, engine boost, and teleport. When engaging another player, I always ensure that at least one of these tools are off cooldown.

One of the strategies I like to use involves using both harden shield and teleport. I would find a way to get close to my opponent and stack my burn damage from Aureus lightning. In the process, I would harden shield to negate any damage and just milliseconds before my harden shield expires, I use my teleport to disengage. This strategy works exceptionally well against Blades with their Phase Blade. However, do not do this against players who can stack dot or burn faster than you. For example, against Baba.

That is about all for now. Good job for those that actually read all the way to the bottom. Hopefully some of this was useful.
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#71674 by GrayBeard Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:44 pm
I would also recommend sonic missiles as an energy debuffer, it also works as a damage dealing weapon if used with the attack speed elite tech.

#71691 by traf Sun Jun 04, 2017 6:29 am
GrayBeard wrote:I would also recommend sonic missiles as an energy debuffer, it also works as a damage dealing weapon if used with the attack speed elite tech.

Oh so that's why you use it . . . thanks for the info :P

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#71796 by zZoNe Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:21 am
If anyone is interested in some more tips how PvP, either let me know in-game or reply to this comment. I can make a more detailed post about various tips and tricks that can help people in PvP.

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