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#73418 by GoatusMax Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:47 am
I'm sitting at 118 and I can't survive long enough in vorsan or fulzar to kill a single enemy, much less farm. My arts suck and I really don't know entirely what I'm doing with them because every time I think I know what's going on, the developers change everything up again and the numbers suddenly mean different things. You guys list these INSANE numbers to have on a single art and I'm wondering what the hell I'm doing wrong that I can't find or acquire any of these mythically rare arts to the point that I can't get a stack of five arts to equal just one of these ungodly arts you guys list off like everyone should just have them standard issue. At current, I think the highest ROF Art I have is a single line at 57% and the next one down is %35ish I think and I have people in here listing 75% on a single art, Its like Diablo 2 all over again. I get that it took lots of time and farming but I also play entirely solo and I know that holds me back in a way, but at the same time I find that when I partner up with people I wind up doing most of the work as I seem to be the only one that uses any kind of efficient strategy, and then I fly away with barely a third of the loot, or I wind up being so over powered by the other players that theres no point in me even trying, so I don't bother joining teams. Still. I love my Medic and I keep trying new combos to get the best out of it. I find though that I just can't walk away from Plankton Syphon Gland as I need it to keep myself alive. I've looked but I can't seem to find anything that replaces its speed healing. I would move on to a full Kinetic build, but nothing I have in Kinetic drains life efficiently enough to keep me from dying.
#73419 by bolbi Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:54 am
In terms of arts it is mainly just farming, farming, and farming some more, until you get good ones. The big thing to look for is stuff that "could' combo well for something. Examples would be

An all resist art with a decent amount of damage and/or defensive stats on it. Like I have an art woth around 70% all resist, 90% armor, 90% shield, and 30% energy damage. Granted that's a great art however I'm mentioning it cause combo arts will be specific most of the time, like that one is really only great for a energy hp build, cause the shield would be converted to hp with another art, and armor helps defense for that. For more basic combos I have arts like 200% shield and 40% attack speed, which would only be useful on any HP build.

Heres a few things others have posted with some of their setups and arts which should help give you a feel for how some will combo, obviously most of these are end game players and arts so you probably won't be at this point yet, but it's just to give you an idea of what to lookand r. Also you can always ask in global/local chat if an art is good enough or not, there are normally a few people who'll answer with at least it's okay or not worth it. Just remember compare it to your personal arts first, if it's already better than some of your best arts there is no point in not keeping it till you get something that beats it out.

Drac's thread of his and a few others' builds

Bellatrix's PvP build

mt10kardans' PvP builds

My PvP builds

Mostly I'd say these builds are all gonna be out of your immediate reach with your current arts, but they should give you an idea of how to build a setup or what arts you're gonna want to look for.

In terms of arts, I think you said your highest attack speed art was about 57% which honestly, to me, isn't to bad, I didn't have anything higher than 61% attack speed for the longest time, like for a year after hitting 110, so I don't think you're in that bad of a place. Obviously there are gonna be people who have way higher arts, but they also have most likely been farming Blobs or vorsan elites for a long time as well.

On where to farm some better arts, it sounds to me like you have around about renegade quality arts (that's basing it off of the attack speed art you said you have) so I'd say you should look into farming the Fulzar Nexar commander, all you really need is a speed art and a stacking DoT weapon, like moth spit gland, and acid blaster work very well, but stuff like skeletor lightning and Plasma gun work just as good. Basically you just lure the one red guy (the commander) out to below the black hole and run away turn around and shoot once he gets close use Q shoot a little more then use E to run away again and repeat. If you use a stacking DoT weapon it should go pretty quick.

Also Medic isn't exactly a very tanky ship so keep that in mind when thinking about your art builds cause you'd generally get better results from getting a little more damage then having a few thousand more shields.

If you need help or more specific help on anything you may want to make a post in questions section also if you can to help with your arts it'd be better if you could get a screen shot of like your total art stats, which at least I'd be able to point out where you aren't getting a lot of use out of certain stats amd such. But making a new post would be better cause then you'd be able to focus on you in general and not around the medic ship like this thread is.

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#73422 by Jpsi Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:36 am
There is only one rule about arts power: farming + time + luck.
Alas nothing very magic here.

I can however give one advise: the place where you want to farm your arts should be an easy spot for you, where you can kill enemy at a high speed and gets lots of arts quickly. The level of the arts is less important than the quantity (of course, find the spot that offers you the best arts you can get safely).

I am always puzzled by people who don't take level 141 (potential) arts because they are farming level 150 (potential) arts. That just makes no sense, even arts level 130 potentials should be taken, always. Quantity beats quality when it comes to artifact statistics, because of the very low chance to actually get anything good. The level shift of the curve of level 150 vs 141 (or even down to level 130 potential) is marginal in comparison to the probability of getting a multi level arts with only useful lines (or exponential lines).

For your level, I would suggest sidus arts (using a blade if you can), then exe as soon as you got like 10 000 sidus arts (which is quick because of the mob that pop per sidus death - offering 2 arts each), then blobs as soon as you can farm them safely and/or elite vorsan, then middle vorsan. Some people also directly start with middle vorsan as soons as you have 2000-2500+ corro damage with some rof (60-80% rof for instance), with around 300k shield in a tanker: in that case, just go sidus until you get those stats, then go vorsan middle.

#73425 by GoatusMax Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:07 pm
Like I was saying, at my current set up, I can't survive long enough in vorsan or fulzar to kill a single enemy, much less farm, but thanks for the suggestions. At current, my level cut off for arts is way down at 50, so I guess I'll just have to keep trying.
#73426 by Jpsi Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:02 pm
GoatusMax wrote:Like I was saying, at my current set up, I can't survive long enough in vorsan or fulzar to kill a single enemy, much less farm, but thanks for the suggestions. At current, my level cut off for arts is way down at 50, so I guess I'll just have to keep trying.

Then bolbi is probably right. With your level, you should be able to go in fulz without too much trouble, so it's probably a question of setup / choice of weapons. I will suggest to open another topic asking for tips: if you show us some of your arts, we can probably help you build a decent setup in order to farm in a place that allows you to get better arts.

#73430 by GuestNINJAS Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:52 am
GoatusMax wrote:Like I was saying, at my current set up, I can't survive long enough in vorsan or fulzar to kill a single enemy, much less farm, but thanks for the suggestions. At current, my level cut off for arts is way down at 50, so I guess I'll just have to keep trying.

Like you, I used to be annoyed of people getting good arts, like you I used to be weak, I got blade because I bought it.

I got stronger by accumulating steel by farming dread moths with a tanky set that still could let me kill em fast,

Arts, I used to farm regius all day back when I had retro, it is farmable with just one all res and paper arts. (I made a video explainig how to do it with my old tactic)

Before regius? I used to farm siduses, again I showed the method when I was really weak (let's say like you but I was in retro)
I grinded them a while, went to regius, then with blade, mass blob farming.

EDIT : You can also farm renegade arts as they are easy to kill in medic.
(Gonna add arts setup for pvp if you want)

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#73438 by bolbi Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:52 pm
GoatusMax wrote:Like I was saying, at my current set up, I can't survive long enough in vorsan or fulzar to kill a single enemy, much less farm, but thanks for the suggestions. At current, my level cut off for arts is way down at 50, so I guess I'll just have to keep trying.

Like Jpsi said it might be best to open a new thread so we could give you advice on your specific setup/needs, rather than taking this thread kinda off topic. Also yes I forgot to mention what Jpsi said about farming arts, a big part is finding someplace you can farm very efficiently with high art yield, popular places would be Durian Elite, Sidus in Fulzar, ??? (Blobs), and Vorsan Center. I mentioned Fulzar Commander cause you can kill him without taking any damage if you use a hit and run strategy effectively and those arts are level 110 so you get some higher level arts that way. If you really aren't to confident in going into Fulzar Renegades in Durian would probably be the best place to farm.

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#73439 by mt10kardans Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:56 am
If you dont have blade then i sugest you get it first so you can go for blob farming as soon as posible. also you can farm bionic quens in fulzar. These are not that hard to kill as sidus and also gives good arts. which is good enaugh for blob farming later. when it comes to sets i dont use any of my pvp sets for farming. When it comes to blob farms i use this set:
ofcorse you wont get that kind of stats but it will give you idea what to aim for. this set is with 1.6 million dps but i started farm them with only 450k dps. So most players is good to start if put time in them. for Blade i use improved attack speed et whitch give little better dps. I also use mostly armor/hp builds because it feels like it gives little bettter protection. with this little hp and armor i tank couple of golds blobs void hit before i kill it. when i use shields it practicly destroy instantly. when it comes to Vorsan i use totaly diferent set:
with this set i also survive everthing that i need to survive in there.Look for tanky ship too like tanker. When it comes to Vorsan farm try to farm alone if you can. Some players consider that rude if you dont want share but but i feel realy sory for those who farm 5 players on 1 Zhersis :D I mostly farm alone all the time but stil need get better arts. And keep in mind you need to get stronger not them you can help later when fell confident enaugh to help other too. Also do you have all et upgraded? Some players also use insane amaunts of resis. I heard someone used 170% resis on them blobs but dint have any dps. I know that there are players who dont even upgrade their arts.
#73441 by hugojmaia Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:28 pm
Thread's already completely derailed off the original topic, but here's my experience on blobs.
175% energy resist makes blobs a lot easier to farm. Like the deadly beam they fire will only hit shields for 80k damage instead of obliterating your ship. It'll allow you to survive several seconds of a blob being attached to your ship. In general, it makes blob farming more forgiving.
#73445 by mt10kardans Fri Aug 25, 2017 7:34 pm
My mistake about high resit. Didnt know that it makes that mutch diference. I just dont wait for beam 3,4 and next blob go hardcore on them. Farm as fast as posible. I think its right on topic. If he wants to get better arts for his medic he need to start focus on blobs as fast as posibe. Blobs gives base power of strenght and then go to vors center. Ofcorse you can go before blobs farms. But i think players die lot and spent ton of flux on tp before get those op arts from center if they dint good arts before. Atm for him its renegade arts to look for. When he gets at least 450k dps on blade then stright to blobs.
#73463 by Luibis Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:50 pm
I never farm blob arts i go to vorsan elite and start farm edges, phasers, vindis,blades they give nive exp and arts and you always can juse sz if want.( Elite hangar or rec st. )

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