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#68367 by traf Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:37 am
I was able to pull data from an account with both Aureus Beam and Chrono Beam on the same ship. The data listed is on a level 59 Judicator with both beams at level 6 with no techs. No artifacts and no troons were present.

trafsBeamComparison.PNG (220.75 KiB) Viewed 1998 times

What can we learn from this? Which beam you should use depends on what you want to do with it!
Lines in yellow are things that Aureus Beam can do well, and line in blue are things that Chrono Beam can do well. I view the lines without color as potential niche roles, but probably not things for mainstream users. (In the interest of transparency, I ignored the reduced power techs and the increased range techs that both beams have. I haven't a clue why anyone would use them, they really aren't necessary.)

Direct Damage (up to 35%)
Shield Regen Debuffer (up to 10 seconds)
Energy Burn Damage (up to 75% over 10 seconds)

Energy Resistance Debuffer (25% innate, up to 45%)
Armor Debuffer (up to 15% of Direct Damage for up to 10 seconds)
Direct Damage (up to 30%), but slightly less powerful (still has the 25% innate energy debuff though)
Shield Leecher (up to 8%)
Kinetic Beam (100% kinetic damage tech available)
Kinetic Resistance Debuffer (up to 30%)
Corrosive Beam (100% corrosive damage tech available)
Corrosive Resistance Debuffer (up to 30%)

Range: ok, there is perhaps a 1/4 inch difference between the two . . . but you will NEVER notice! I'm not even going to tell which one is slightly longer. :twisted:
Power Cost: no difference that I could see, takes about 75-80 power to fire for both. Averaged over several firing cycles, you're not going to notice even if there is a difference.
Charging time: no difference that I could see. If there is a difference, you're not going to care about it.

Q: Why are both aureus beam and chrono beam listed as being good at direct damage? Isn't one better than the other?
A: The difference between them is rather small. With max techs, there is only a 7.5% difference in direct damage between the two. Without techs, the difference in direct damage is only 3.5%. Granted, someone trying to max out the direct damage is going to want to choose chrono, but someone could certainly make do with aureus and still get a nice 25% energy debuff for no extra effort. In a fight you would probably see a bigger difference from artifacts used than which beam was used. Which would be preferred is ultimately up to the user.

Q: So which ship should I buy, chrono or judicator?
A: I'd say Judicator (5980 flux :shock:), if you want to use the actual ship you buy. If you just want a energy beam as a weapon on a different ship, go for chrono (2400 flux :o). For example, I've used Chrono Beam for over three years, but I've never really used the ship itself. Instead, I found the concept of a "sniper rifle" powerful enough to copy the weapon to almost every ship I've used. As a ship judicator is more powerful than chrono in several categories, and it also comes with aureus lightning. Some would consider the lightning itself reason enough to buy the ship, just so that it could be copied elsewhere.

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#68381 by bolbi Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:57 pm
Cool, nice informational post traf. I was just wondering how much damage do you get on chrono beam for your main account? (just to see how much higher the damage is for reference on how fast it goes up) Mainly so others might be able to compare how much it might do at their level, but also so that I can see how it compares to other "sniper" weapons, (poison arrow, projectors, etc.)
#68456 by traf Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:43 am
That was cursive and my version of shorthand. When I wrote it all down I wasn't intending to just take a picture and use it, actually I wasn't planning on an article at all. But, you get to see that chicken scratching because laziness for recopying :)

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"Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you."

“Don't write so that you can be understood, write so that you can't be misunderstood.”
― William Howard Taft

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