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#76609 by Kwasik Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:48 pm
Hi, I will try to make in this post screenshoots of my arts setups. As far I will remember I try to make description what is a purpose of specific setup.


my first setup (soon will be deleted) for mixing durability with speed and fair damage at kpb.
*probably this setup was good for exe I dont remember...

2. Blob setup

i found best ballance between max dps on blade (I can make little stronger setup, but more glassy) with some resist.

3. normal setup

Hyewon's advices about vorsran setup (I accidentialy upgraded sh2hp art from 80% to 100%).

4. Tank setup

Maxed resist and strong hp build, perfect for Judi. Works fine for auraed skirmishers and exe.

8. Speed setup

Mixing good speed with durability.

9. ROF

great setup focused on rof and good damage.
#76626 by Kwasik Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:38 pm
Thanks, it is a result of month farming blobs at fulzar every night (2-3 hours). Many thanks to Drnspdr for teaching me how do blobs and Valerious for motivating in farming. If you have account above lvl 100 pm me at game ill try to help u getting some arts from blobs. I'll continue here sharing my experiments with art setups.

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