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#72572 by bolbi Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:59 am
Just felt like showing you all how I build my Crystal PvP builds


These are the 2 builds I use the most at the moment, because I've been using Beamer and Prisms as my main damage. The first is the one I use most, the second is slightly tankier. Though I only have to change one art to switch between them so I use them both pretty evenly, at the moment.

Glass for Beamer

(and probably in the future)

My "balanced build" for Energy % damage

A very tanky build that I've used occasionally, mainly for surviving and stacking damage with a stacking DoT weapon, normally Prisms

This is basically the only build I used from when I actually started PvPing until about a year ago. just in case any of you were wondering what I was using during all the fights with Outlaws, and some of the "kill TheDepraved" events Scythe did, which honestly was probably the reason I actually started PvPing seriously, so thanks for that Scythe, Stentorian, and other's. Oh yeah and this build isn't quite the same as I've gotten rid of some of the old arts I used for it but for the most part it was the same except lower hp (~150k) and less armor (~3000), if I remember correctly.

most of them at least

My % Energy damage and IAS combo arts

The flat Energy damage arts I use in all my flat builds

2 IAS arts one is my highest, I use it for damage. The second is a IAS art with good defensive stats, normally swap between the two depending on what I want.

The Defensive arts. The 2 four liners I use the most as a base for any HP build. The 2 three liners are for my tankier setups.

Well thought I would share mine cause everyone else is doing it, and thought I would join in on showing off :P
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#72595 by bolbi Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:46 am
Damn an extra 15% would be nice.

On the builds, for damage that is mainly the result of my best combos, the % energy damage comes from the defensive arts and the flat art. And the flat art with 46% all resist is just about the same as my highest flat energy one liner because of the extra % damage line on it.

The defense aspects, it's preference I guess and the fact that from the out side your typical player is gonna assume, because of the ship, I'm gonna only take a few hits and die, so I guess it's kinda for a surprise aspect as well. Also for the all resist thing I tend to just like the full resists instead cause when I don't I become very susceptible to stuff like CL and Nuke or Aureus Beam, you know long range debuffers or quick hit and run strats.

All in all it seems to do better against the less experienced players than ones who realize if they just focus me down a little more I die fairly quickly. As such, when there are people like you two or Swole that recognize to just focus me down a bit more, I tend to use the glass build or something similar instead as I die pretty much as fast when you guys try.

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