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COOP with friends. (select up to 2 answers)

1. Co op should only be for clans. Leave as is. 7
2. Please fix the transfer clan ownership. 25
3. Co op with friends of other clans would be fun. 32
4. Co op what is co op? 3
Total votes : 67
#32354 by Nagasaki Wed Jun 17, 2015 7:47 am
This has pretty much become a topic asking devs to make its so playing in coop becomes independant of clans, possible to group for it the way you would in KOTZ. Discuss solutions to making it easier to gather people for coop, as well as things you would like fixed in relation to coop. In the meantime, the short term solution which was my original post:


Ok so here's the idea. The whole point is that you join only temporarily for the game of coop then go back to your regular clan.

How this would work is, anyone who wants to be a part of it puts an alt account in the clan. All these alt accounts will have the right to accept players.

Any time u want to get a group together for coop you add in your main account and anyone you want to play with you. (Just need to have an alt in your main clan to add yourself back after). Also not that an account has to be lvl 8 at least to join a clan. Can get that fast with a rotator kill though+kapello elite or fanatics, gets you to lvl 8.

The purpose of this idea is to let players from different clans get together for a game of coop, normally i would just join someone else's clan then go back or invite someone to my clan, but after the ridiculous amount of anger and hate that comes with adding some players to a clan, i guess this is a better solution. Sad to see so many narrow minded players though.

Requirements to join:

-When applying with an alt please include your main account name in the application.
-Generally looking for stronger players who can get to rank 10 in coop and farm arts there so i guess lvl 100+ but this is negotiable.
-Would appreciate a private message in game or on the forum from people that i dont know.

The clan to apply to is KGB Coop.

Also I created a skype group for the clan, would be nice to have a skype call going for the coop games, more interesting. So pm me your skype name to get added to the group.
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Image ... okay let me just go get level -1
#32428 by MAXI Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:49 pm

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#60991 by Draconis Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:56 am
They should just make a group queue for coop and warp to it the same way we do pvp. Make a group and the members of that group who enter queue can warp there in 1 minute after entering queue. Oh right, suggestions xD

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