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History of the Junkers

Originating from the Freelancer Universe, the Junkers were originally a semi-organised mob of enthusiastic, somewhat egotistical, yet adventurous space fairing types that go about their day looking for old "space junk" to salvage and make good use of, to the point of scavenging for the best parts to outfit their "Junker's", or what because a particular type of vescle!

It only took a few hundred years for these "Junkers" to become a common Quarters talking point, where many yarns were spun regarding their unique vescles, their tenacity and their ability to handle themselves quite remarkably in a conflict.

No longer just a Mob, and having grown into a rather elite organisation of salvaging professionals, they sort to expand their horizons to beyond their galaxy of origin!

After another 50 years or so, the Junkers Guild managed to piece together several massive monstrosity's of ships that were said to be capable of intergalactic travel! Keep quietly a closely guarded secret, these ships were surrounded by the greatest Junker-Ace's, getting close enough to these specialised Junker-Vescles would have most military pilots gawking at the weaponry and energy signatures coming off of them...

Legend has it that some 375 years after the Junkers were formed, these titanic star-ships took off in phenomenal form, streaking quickly into the deep darkness of space before them, never to be seen again!

Just the single giant Junkers Dreadnought arrived in the Antor sector, only to be besieged by Nezerian ships..... So the decision was made, to make this particular off-shoot of humanity the Junkers new Home!

Only time will tell, and only the remaining Junkers Command Crew will ever know, if the Junkers, here in Antor, will make as positive a purpose of their Guild Heritage.


Clan Recruitment is Open!

Contact Guilder or other current Clan Members for Acceptance.

Only the most Humble of players will be accepted.


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